17 Steps from Login to Publishing your first Weebly website with Sibername

17 Steps from Login to Publishing your first Weebly website with Sibername

When you register a domain name with Sibername you will have access to our weebly website builder through your user area . You will also be able to change the theme logo and background image easily. Please follow the steps below to access your website builder and make these changes. You will also learn how to search for an image by using Google Image search and how to publish your website after reading this blog.

1 – Login: First, you should login to your SiberName user dashboard through http://www.sibername.com


2 – In order to login, please enter your email address and your password to login.


3 – Select the Domain Name: You will access to the SiberName user dashboard. Select the domain name you want to start the website builder. Since my account has multiple domains and I scroll down my domains list to select beta4k.com for starting the website builder.





4 – Go to Builder! After selecting the domain name, click Go to Builder! to start your Website Builder Session. Please note you can start this session from multiple computers at the same time. All will be functional. Make sure someone else is not also editing the site at the same time.



5 –  Select the Theme: Browse through the themes and select the one you like. Please note we will change the background easily and therefore just select a layout you like. We will edit all offered by default easily.The theme i select is called NECTUR.



6 – Weebly Dashboard: Weebly Dashboard will be opened and NECTUR theme will be displayed. Now we can start building our home page:



7 – Changing Logo: We can use text or an image for this part. Since I like to add my logo in an image format, I will toggle to the Logo option. You need to click on NECTUR text to open up this window.



8 – Uploading Logo: I have my logo in my computer. You can also use an http address to access your logo image. I will upload the logo from my computer by dragging and dropping it to the area show.

9- Replacing the Text with Logo: Here we can see the Logo has replaced the NECTUR text.


10 – Finding the right image for background: Strawberry is not something that represent our company and services. I will replace it with an image of Aronia Berry which is our product is made of. I will find the image and click on dit Background to replace this image.



11 – Google Image Search and Unsplash.com There are many ways to find a stock image. In  this case I show how to find an image by using Google Image search. I search the google image by using the keyword Aronia Berry. You can also try http://www.unsplash.com for free stock images with high resolution.



12 – Replacing the background image: Selected the one below because the size is suitable as a background image. Visit the website and download the image. This is the Image we have downloaded and will use for our home page background. After clicking on Save button, it will replace the Strawberry image. Make sure the image has required permissions to be used and not copyright protected.


13 –
After downloading this image to your computer, click on the background image with strawberry to access Edit Background command.


14 – Select the image downloaded. Make sure the doted area is suitable for the background image. If not move the image or edit it to fit. When the image is ready, click to Save button on top right.




15 – Now the strawberry image is replaced by Aronia  image we chose.



16 – Publish your website: Now we can publish our first page. Click on Publish button. It will start uploading your page to the webspace we provide through your webhosting service. First 5 page is free with every domain name registered with us.



17 – Your website is published: And your website is published. It should be available on the internet when you type in http://www.beta4k.com or the domain you choose after this step. There might e a delay of few hours depending on your domain name. Please consult with our support department through support@sibername.com if it is delayed for more than 6 hours.



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