4 reasons that prove that good hosting influences the SEO performance of a website

Most of those who create a website for the first time pay little attention to the selection of the hosting provider. Many times, small business administrators are looking for the cheapest package or, even worse, for free hosting. A good hosting service can help you very much in your website’s relationship with the search engines, especially on Google. The evolution of a website – either the increase or the decrease in the search engine rankings – may be affected by the quality of your hosting services.


Google knows your server’s location

The location of the server that hosts your website is extremely important and should be taken into consideration. Google can determine the location of a web server by the IP address, and it can consider it relevant for the optimization of the website in the local search results positioning. A hosting purchased from a Canadian server is much more efficient for google.ca, because the response time of the website is much lower. The ideal situation is buying from a local provider in the country where your audience lives. Even if a hosting in another country might be cheaper, the IP and the response time of your website matters a lot, and that can make a pretty big difference at SEO level.


Your hosting influences the website’s security

There are so many cyber-attacks happening online, that no matter how small your website is you can be affected very quickly. The security of your website is extremely important, not only for the rankings that the Google algorithms give you, but also for the experience and safety of the users who visit your site. Most attacks are not targeting you, especially if you have a small website or blog. Through your website, hackers usually want to reach much larger platforms. Good hosting can protect you from hack attacks because providers invest a lot to protect their hosting servers and make it impossible for hackers to reach them. Even if an attack occurs, the hosting provider will have a back-up of your website and things will return to normal as soon as you talk to the support team.

A website that is not safe will go down in Google’s rankings. Google penalizes severely websites which are perceived vulnerable, affected by attacks or have malicious content. Also, once a visitor visits your website and is infected with a virus or malware, you can be sure that he will no longer visit you for the second time.


Your loading speed is utterly important for SEO

The response speed of your website affects both your SEO performance, the user experience, and even your sales. Statistics show very clearly that the response speed of a website can influence the conversion rate, and the lower the loading time, the higher the number of conversions.  As for SEO, Google has announced in many different contexts that fast-loading sites are better perceived than hard-loading sites. 3 seconds should be enough for a website to fully load, according to Google, and this is a performance that your hosting provider should maintain all the time. You can run a speed test on your website right now by using Google’s tool.


Don’t let your website stay down for too long

Google makes regular check-ups on your website, with the help of the so-called „crawlers”. These are programs used to automatically discover and scan websites, with the purpose of indexing the new pages and the information posted on websites. As long as these crawlers find your website functional, everything is fine. But if your website is often malfunctioning or disconnected, crawlers will sanction you by lowering the rank of your site. Google is always trying to offer a pleasant experience to its visitors by providing results that work and load quickly. So when choosing a hosting company, make sure that they can guarantee a 99,99% server uptime.

In conclusion, in order for your website to have more chances at getting the optimization and SEO results that you want, you must look for the best quality in hosting services. Take a look at Sibername’s offers, we guarantee that our servers are efficient, safe and secure, and that they offer the best browsing experience for any kind of website.

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