5 online apps you can use to improve your cyber security

The Internet develops extremely rapidly, and in most cases, this is great. We are getting more and more access to information that grows our knowledge and helps us achieve numerous improvements in all kind of industries worldwide. Unfortunately, there is one industry that we would prefer not being developed, and that is the malware production. The speed with which the Internet is growing is also the speed with which new malware programs and viruses are being created to destroy the performance of many websites.

There are over 1 million new pieces of malware created each day, which affect the online reputation and performance of many websites and platforms. Google is currently blacklisting over 10,000 websites daily because of malware infections. Getting a virus inside a website not only makes it banned by search engines, but might even get the visitors’ computers infected, so most likely it is making the website lose confidence from users and potential customers.

Small to medium-sized enterprises are one of the largest targets of cyber-attacks. Over 30,000 SME websites are targeted each day, so if you are administrating the website for a small to medium-sized enterprise, we advise you to upgrade the security of your website to a major type of concern. No matter how good your website design looks or how cool the experience you provide to users is, the smallest security breach is enough to convey to visitors that your platform is not trustworthy. Therefore, it is imperative to constantly monitor the functionality of your website and keep your website cyber-secured.

Sibername has chosen 5 free online application that you can use to improve your cyber security.


  1. GOOGLE SAFE BROWSING TOOL. The Google site checker for malware is a free service that one can use in order to audit their website for malware and virus identification. Safe Browsing was built to identify unsafe websites across the web and notify users and webmasters of potential harm. If your website is infested, the Google Safe Browsing tool will provide you a Transparency Report which discloses details about the threats detected and the warnings Google shows to users in order to protect them from malware invasion.
  2. SUCURI is one of the most popular free software programs for scanning websites. You can take a quick test to see if your site has been attacked by malware, if it has been listed on a blacklist, if it has errors, or if it works with outdated software. SUCURI works for any type of websites, whether WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can enable SUCURI to take care of your website full time, in exchange for a fee. The app will redirect your site traffic to their cloud proxy firewall before getting to your hosting server. This helps blocking all the attacks, so your website can receive only legitimate visitors.
  3. SiteGuarding Security is a service that protects your website against malware and hacker exploits. It has a 14-day trial period, which is enough for website owners to understand the problems behind their websites and assess if the application is useful for their needs. SiteGuarding does a similar test to SUCURI, but the difference is that if the application detects malware, you can have the virus deleted automatically.
  4. ScanMyServer goes through every page of your website through a code and server verification to see if there are any vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers. The application provides you with a report that shows all the security issues and code errors that your website has, which could harm your visitors’ computers, and even shows server malfunctions that make the website feel unsafe.
  5. Webinspector is a specialized program for detecting website viruses. The app helps you identify hidden programs or pieces of codes used for blacklist or phishing, worms, trojans or suspicious connections that can turn into site attacks. Webinspector can also be used as a free 90-day security program for a website with up to 5 pages.


Cyber security is truly essential not only for your website performance, but also for your online reputation. Although a free verification is better than none, your website should undergo through constant analysis, so make the case for investing into a professional software that would keep you informed 24/7 regarding potential threats. Also, don’t forget keeping your SSL certificate always updated, so you won’t risk misleading your visitors into thinking that your website is not safe.

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