5 tips for creating the perfect content strategy

According to a study made by the New York Times, 94% of people say the reason they share online content is because they think it will be helpful. That is why the goal of each business should be to create and deliver quality content, meaning relevant information that prospective customers need and look for.

We create content expecting that our customers will be convinced to pursue an action, for example, to subscribe to the newsletter, become friends on social networks, or share our content with their friends. In an online world where we are cluttered with information all over the place, we need to make our content interesting for our potential consumers. That is why we are coming with five tips that we believe can help you create the perfect content strategy.



Each post, every video, each image you post online says something about your brand. The more they vary from one channel to another, the harder for consumers to understand the voice of your brand and to engage in conversation.

Before you think about strategy, performance indicators, activity calendar, and so on, you have to clearly define the identity of the brand you represent: what is the image you want to project to your audience, which are the values that will be fundamental for your messages, which principles will guide your activities, what is going to be your brand voice, and so on. Creating a clear, specific, well-defined brand personality simplifies the process of organizing the communication within the company and dictates how different content should be created in order to meet your business needs.



Knowing the profile of your audience means knowing who your customers are, what kind of online behavior they have, what their needs are regarding your brand and how you can meet them. Surprisingly, these are also the questions that an online content strategy needs to answer. Knowing the real needs of your clients helps you design the content that they will appreciate.

Also, it is important to identify the channels that your consumers are using and provide content adjustable for each communication platform. Facebook is about interaction, a blog is about learning, Instagram is about finding inspiration. Each online communication channel engages consumers differently, and your content strategy must contain relevant information for each one of them.



Creating an “editorial plan” helps you generate content consistently and smoothly, for building an impact over a longer period of time. An editorial plan helps you track your online evolution, stay organized and have an active online presence. Think about the topics you want to in your content strategy and consider the relationships between them so that the information is gradually presented to your audience. Remember that everything you publish in social media is linked as a complex network, so messages need to have a common core, transmit the same values, the same attitude, and be drafted in the same style.



Before creating new content, be sure to consider the existing content within your company. Exploiting and capitalizing on existing resources in the content creation process helps you achieve consistency in messages and, moreover, contributes to generating new topics of discussion without getting further from business objectives you have set.

Content from company blog, event images, videos, case studies, various research, e-books, etc. can all be used in developing the content strategy. Basically, you can use anything that might be newsworthy for your customers: describe the technical details or the benefits of using a product or a service; explain the terminology used in your industry; recommend new and improved solutions to an existing problem that the target audience has. Keep in mind that any new content must be in correlation with the previous one. Of course, the topics discussed may be different, but there must be continuity, in order to build engagement.



If you do not know what’s going on around you, you cannot provide content of interest to those who are following you. Research is absolutely necessary to generate current and interesting messages for your customers. Get used to the idea that you are not alone in the industry in which you activate. Perhaps there are more organizations that target the same audience as you, so it is very useful to see what approach your competition uses, how they build their messages, what is the reaction of the audience that you want to attract to their content.

Also, keep up with the news, watch the specialized press, follow the hot-topics, and see what kind of conversations are being developed between the community members created around your brand. Thus, you will be able to be truly relevant.

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