A Domain Name Selection Checklist


  • LIST YOUR TOP CHOICES: Start a list of domain names you’d like to use. Place your top selections on top of the list. It’s always good to reserve a backup name.  Then verify if they are available using a domain name search engine.
  • SEARCHABILITY AND LONGEVITY:  Verify if your domain name describes what you offer, especially with top-trending long-lasting keywords.
  • SEARCH DOMAIN NAME OPTIONS: Use domain name generators to come up with names you have not considered.
  • APPROPRIATE: Preferably select a name that describes your website, your business or your industry.  It could also be a keyword that is in an upward “long-term” trend in your industry.  Ideally, your domain name is also your website name.
  • EASY: Make it easy to type, to spell, easy to pronounce, easy to remember It should also be top of the alphabet (if possible) and has potential longevity and cannot be pluralized.    Try not to use Hyphens or Numbers.
  • LOCALIZATION: If your business is only local then you should consider adding your city’s name in your domain name.
  • SOCIAL NETWORK AVAILABILITY: Make sure your the name you select is available on social networks.  Create groups or fan clubs in your social media sites with the name you select.
  • LEGALLY DEFENSIBLE: It should be legally defensible so verify if your domain name is not already trademarked or branded.
  • NO COPYCATS: Make sure it is not similar to a protected name.
  • PREVENT CYBERSQUATTING: Select a top level domain name extension like .com but you may also want to register your domain name with other domain names to prevent cybersquatting.
  • MAKE IT MEMORABLE: If you cannot find an ideal domain name then create a memorable phrase to use as domain name
  • EXPIRATION: Don’t let your domain name expire, especially if your business becomes very successful.  Someone else will likely snatch it up and some of your business as well.
  • SEARCHABILITY: Make sure your domain name is not banned in the search engines of the country(ies) you wish to do business in.  Some countries have lists of banned domain name words.
  • OWNERSHIP: Make sure when you register a domain name that you own it and not your registrar.
  • PRIVACY: Ask your registrar for Privacy Protection to reduce unwanted robocalls robo-texts  and robo-emails.
  • RELIABLE AND REPUTABLE REGISTRAR: Always verify the reputation of the potential registrar of your domain name.
  • TREAT DOMAIN NAMES  AS INVESTMENTS:  In many countries domain names are considered trade-able assets. You may want to keep this in mind as you consider your domain name options.
  • Once you have gone through this checklist and have found a suitable domain name then you should register it as soon as possible before a competitor does. Sibername is an affordable place to register in a Canadian Website Hosting company

What’s in a name (or a domain name)?  There’s a potential goldmine in a good domain name so please select your domain name with foresight, flexibility, and caution.


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