Are websites still meaningful in the social media age?

Some of my contacts rationalize that websites are now redundant. They say it’s just as easy to share information in social media sites without all the fuss of building a website.  Yet when I asked them to name just one successful company that uses only social media sites to share information with clients or prospects, I draw a blank stare.  Websites and social media sites serve different purposes and both should be used but websites do a number of things social media sites still do not offer.

-Websites can be sold, domain names can be auctioned.  Not so with social media sites.

-Website content is searchable in Internet Search Engines.

-Websites can incorporate video-greetings and webinars.

-Website content can be laid out exactly where you want it, and moved when needed.

-Websites can offer secure e-commerce functions, like virtual shopping carts

-Website content does not slip into oblivion like social media posts buried under newer posts

-Website hosting companies usually have stronger analytics data about your website visitors

-Websites offer more design freedom than social media sites or public blog sties

-Websites information is more easily accessible than in social media profiles

-Websites offer distraction free content (no unrelated ads, comments, or news feeds)

-Websites are accessible to all (Many companies prevent staff access to social media sites)

If we spent as much time maintaining and updating our websites as we do our social media profiles then we’d be more focused and successful.  Try building a website yourself if you intend to start or grow your business, or even if you just want to leave a legacy.

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