Boost Website Traffic via Social Media

Boost Website Traffic

There are many ways to increase your website’s visitor traffic. There are technical ways like increasing your site speed and making sure your website is device responsive (mobile ready).  You can also improve your content marketing by writing useful and interesting articles in your website blog section (In fact, publishing new content regularly automatically attracts the attention of many search engines and considerably improves search engine ranking.).  There are many ways to boost website traffic but the website traffic generator I find most useful and fun as a marketer is by creating a social media page related to your business.


Social media marketing teaches us much about marketing and people in general. Creating a social media public page about your business (example SiberName’s Facebook Public Page) and attracting followers requires a long term commitment.  You cannot simply use social media for a month then stop.  Once you’ve made that commitment it is advisable that you start posting very interesting posts with attention-grabbing headlines even before you invite a single fan to join. People will not join a page if there is no content, if there are no examples of the public page administrator’s ideas or opinions.  If you are the admin of a new social media page you need to keep your target market in mind as you create posts.  Who would be ideal members to like your page?  Create a list of ideal members but before you invite them to like your page and make sure you study what they like, then make a post or two about what they like before inviting them to your page.


Once you have a few target members on board, this will automatically attract other people to join your social media page, especially if one of your target members happens to be a “social media influencer”.  A social media influencer is one that has many followers in their own page (very large groups that have significant member interactions focused on the public page topic). Once you’ve found a few target members then start interacting with them by replying to their comments. Nothing generates group interactions like engaging in a conversation with your market.  That’s what marketing is all about.   Once the interactions increase between your members then that’s the time to invite others to like the page.  The interactions within your page will help its growth, and increase your company’s mindshare.  Social media pages also provide handy viewer stats so you can measure if your posts are attracting attention.


Social media should not often be used to directly sell your products or services.  Members will drop if you do that often.  You can however provide a link to your website in the social media page description or, better yet, to an interesting blog article on your website.  Indirect promotion of your business in the social media is acceptable.


It is best to start a business-related social media public page that only you (or others you trust) can share content in your business page, but where anyone can comment or react to your posts..  You can do that by adding more admins you trust.


Increasing website traffic with your social media page will help you stay connected to your market in a very productive and public way.



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