Building a new website? Here is what you need to take into consideration

Whether you are creating a new website from scratch or redesigning your current one, you need to have a look at two important things: the creative aspect of the website & the current web design trends, and the business perspective, or more precisely, the role of your website for your business. Creating a new website means creating an online experience, which should appeal to online visitors and bring you financial results. In order for this to happen, you need to pay attention to three very important aspects of a new website: the responsiveness of the design, the relevancy of your content and the technical functions of the platform. Let’s get in depth with each one of these.


Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, the adaptability of the design of a website depending on screen size is a mandatory requirement, as people are spending most time online through their mobile devices. Most of the times, users have no idea what makes a website feel mobile-friendly, but they do know that if a website is not looking good on their mobile devices, they can search elsewhere to find the answers to their needs. This means that having a non-responsive website actually makes you lose money.

That is why, responsiveness should be a priority in the creation of a new website. When designing the website graphics, you need to approach differently how the website will look like on different desktop screens and on mobile devices. Optimizing the design for mobile screens means rearranging the content, the image, the way elements are displayed so that mobile users can easily access the information you provide online through their phones screens. Your website should look good on all browsers and all devices, so make responsiveness compulsory.


Quality Content

In many cases, website owners pay more attention to the design, rather than the content that will fill in the blanks. In the world of Google, however, quality content plays a very important role, sometimes even more important than the design, especially when talking about online promotion and growing online traffic.

In order for a website to become more prominent in online searches, it needs to provide relevant content for its users, as search platforms appreciate these efforts and boost your domain towards the top of the search results. Besides uniqueness and information, your content should contain keywords related to your activity, with pictures and videos that together will present the foundation of a well-structured website and will help you attract the desired audience.



The perfect design and the most engaging content represent nothing if the website has poor functionality. If users have bad experiences with the way your website loads or how the information is structured, you will get a high bounce rate, which search engines associate it with a website of a poor quality.

Functionality involves having a clear website structure, so that navigation can become intuitive, easy and logical. It also refers to optimization, so that accessing the website doesn’t require a lot of server resources and doesn’t take too much time and patience. Also, functionality means having a well accessible information management system, that can be modified to accommodate any future changes that your business or your users might need. Good functionality implies that your users will have no technical problems into accessing your website.


These 3 elements are fundamental for having a successful website and should be perceived as mandatory basics when creating any new online platforms.

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