Your “Cybername” More than just a domain name

If you are a startup business, a professional consultant, or a passionate hobbyist  choosing a domain name is critical to the success of your business.  Your “cybername” could even be one of your most profitable investments in time.  To simplify the process, please consider the following suggestions:

Make your domain name short, easy to spell, easy to remember, easy to search.  Even though you are allowed 67 characters in a domain name, longer names take more time to write out and remember.  The “business web” is designed for expediency and effectiveness, not for colorful prose.  Besides, more people are now accessing websites via smartphones and smaller domain names are a plus for people on the go. Your market will also appreciate your domain name if it’s easy to remember, related to your industry, products or services.  

Geodomain names (and location domain extensions) are also useful if your company serves a local market.  Your domain name extension is also an important consideration but when in doubt about the advantages of a certain extension, it’s a safer bet for smaller businesses to add a .com extension.  There are many industry specific domain name extensions as well (e.g. photography)

Your domain name can reflect what you do (e.g. build yellowsubmarines), where you do it (e’g. ottawayellowsubmarines), and/or your values (e.g. sustainableyellowsubmarines).

It’s not generally recommended to abbreviate your domain name since people will have to remember the abbreviation or acronym. Hyphens, numbers and punctuation marks should generally not be used as well.

Protection of your domain name is also important.  It would be wise to save variations of your domain name so competitors or dissatisfied customers will not register competitive or vengeful websites with just a slight variation of your domain name, or use your exact domain name with a different extension.  

Before registering your domain name you should always check to see if the different social media groups are not using your domain name as their group name since this could lead to market confusion and distraction.  Ideally your domain name should be your website name and the name of your groups in the social media. Another critical consideration is copyright or trademark infringements.  Make sure that your worldwide competitors are not already using the name you intend to use, or using anything very similar to it.  Domain selection tools and Internet searches can help you with this.

Domain name longevity is an important consideration if you wish to pass on your business.  Perhaps you can use trend forecasting tools like Google Trends to see if the name you select is trending upward in “online search” and “online news” popularity and to see if it’s even popular at all.

To begin the domain name creation, it would be a good idea to list your top 5 or top ten preferences, then go through the suggestions above to select the best match for you, your business, or those who may one day inherit it.  You can search for domain names here:

By the way, once you’ve selected your domain name you should register it fast (since someone might beat you too it.  For the same reason you should select it early even before you begin building your website.  One final point: Make sure you always select a reliable web host, since you don’t want to go through this whole process and find out your web host went out of business.

Contact Sibername for more suggestions or just start building your website in demo mode till you get an idea for your cybername.  Contact us directly if we can help you in your domain name search.

Free Online Tools to help you find your domain name or keywords for your website:

Business Name Generator

Wiki Summarizer

Yahoo Answers, Quora,

Google Trends


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