Would you like to have touchpoints to your website from friends, partners, suppliers, clients, celebrities, networks, search engines?  I know I would. These sources can provide external touchpoints to your website if they mention your domain name (or link to it) in a message, a blog, a video, or an audio.  On your own, getting people to visit your website can be a daunting and discouraging task, especially if you are a startup business with no external touchpoints to your website.  Yes, websites are the new interaction intermediate, since neither people nor search engines will promote your phone number as the touchpoint to you or your business.  The website is now the public platform because of its global accessibility and constant availability. Once external touchpoints bring people to your website, your website must have internal touchpoints to make them contact you or your business.


There are many ways to get productive external touchpoints: Here are some:


  1. Seduce: Promote your unique marketable value-adding proposal in an attractive website with many seductive touchpoints.
  2. Respond: Respond to those who contact via any touchpoint (email, chat, call, text, fax…)
  3. Reciprocate: Add touchpoints to those who have added touchpoints to you.
  1. Recognize: Learn to recognize your most profitable external and internal touchpoints.
  1. Reward: Reward those who help you have transactions (Client Referral fee, thank you letter…)

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