Give your business a Sibername Boost this summer!


Give your business a Sibername Boost this summer!

Happy New Summer! If your Web hosting provider is Sibername then the summertime of 2016 will be a good time to improve and expand your own company’s website, especially if you’re traveling or you have more free time. Sibername now has a unique mobile-Web app that allows you to create (or edit) an eCommerce-ready, auto-SEO website, from your smartphone! This will help you “hit the ground running” if you have an inspiration for a new startup. It can also be used for editing existing websites that we host for you.  Using your smartphone you can also purchase additional domain names and manage your website’s emails. Furthermore, combining “Sibername Boost” with Sibername’s “Summer Only Special” (launched on the first day of summer, June 20th) you can even add an unlimited number of web-pages using our Weebly website creator (one of the best website builders) to your Sibername hosted website at no extra cost. So the sky’s really the limit to your creativity. Make good use of your free moments this summer to grow your website on the go! Do so whenever and wherever ideas arise, even from the beach! Our website maker is easy to use, even from your smartphone.


Why should you add more web pages to your web site?

Web pages are like virtual doors to your organization. Usually, the more doors you have the more visitors you attract to your web site. But these different web pages must have different functions and appeal to varying needs and interests. Some people visit your site to consider your products and services, some to test your customer service, or others to pre-evaluate if a business partnership with your organization would make sense. The checklist below may give you some ideas for web pages to add to your website this summer.


     What kinds of web pages might you add to your web site?

  • Basic pages: Home, about, products, services, contact
  • Focus pages: Value proposition, mission statement, vision statement, environmental commitment, social commitment, corporate causes
  • Marketing collateral: corporate profile, e-brochures, e-booklets, portfolio, training documents, links to training videos, testimonials
  • Interaction pages: Contact form, request for information form, request for quotes form, newsletter, rewards, contests
  • Client pages: FAQ, training, customer support
  • Recruiting pages: Affiliate program (client referral program), partners, careers
  • Community pages: Events, social media, Wiki, social media share buttons, calendar
  • Freebies page: Media sharing page (share your original photos, diagrams…), introductory offers
  • Industry pages: Industry whitepaper, industry humour
  • Dynamic content pages: blog page, microblogging page (like Facebook posts), newsroom, press releases
  • Policies page: Privacy policy page, service guarantees


Not only must your different web pages appeal to different people, each one must individually attract search engine bots. Since search bots care about content quantity, the bigger the website, the bigger the business, and vice versa. It’s quite rare to find major corporations that only have 5-page web sites. Web page content then should be written in such a way to attract both humans and bots. A simple process is to write your site content for humans, then edit it for bots. Search-bots and people have much in common, they both search for fresh and frequently updated content. So it’s important to regularly grow the content of your webpages. Human website visitors love conciseness, clarity and usefulness. Searchengines crave interconnected and current content, tons of it. Writing for humans, however, should be your priority because they are the ones who interact with your web site and decide if they should do business with you.

Visit Sibername Boost in your smartphone this summer and boost your business online by building-up your auto-SEO eCommerce-ready website using your phone, from wherever you are. Add pages to your web site using Sibername’s “Summer-Only Special) (effective June 20th) to open many new doors for your business.

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