How to Combat Typo-Piracy

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Typo-piracy, or typo-squatting, is the practice of registering domain names that consist of popular trademarks with minor typographical errors. The procedure aims to capture traffic from users who inadvertently mistype the domain name of their intended destination. Typo versions of brand names can account for a considerable amount of traffic and income for such cunning websites.

A common typo-piracy trick is to register domains that capture traffic from people who inadvertently leave out the “dot” that typically follows www or precedes the .com, .net or org. The introduction of the new top-level domains (TLDs) such as .guru, .website and .investments, has provided an opportunity for typo-pirates to expand their targets.

Protecting your brand and business from cybersquatting and typo-piracy is not a simple task. It requires constant alertness and monitoring efforts. The process has become so important that larger corporations have introduced the position title of “domain name administrator” as a permanent position. The domain name administrator holds the responsibility to maintain the necessary registrations and combat cybersquatting for their company or brand name.

Domain name violations such as cybersquatting and typo-piracy are commonly resolved through cease-and-desist letters that ask the site to transfer domain ownership. The earlier a business tracks a violation of its brand name and domain name, the easier it is to resolve the issue.

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