Increasing Conversions Online Starts with a Website Audit

Website audit

Website audit

If you operate a small business you probably know how important it is to have a website that your market can quickly find, understand and appreciate. A well-tuned website is a lead generation machine, by helping you convert website visitors into customers. Additionally, websites are a central client touchpoint for most businesses, one that constantly promotes a company’s unique value proposition and corporate values.  To measure the performance of websites (new or old) they first need to be audited.  A website audit will tell you if your site needs quantitative or qualitative improvements. It can also tell you if you need a gradual re-design (sometimes including a domain name change). Frequent audits are often necessary to increase the performance of websites in markets that are crowded with competitors.  


If you don’t have a site yet, you can quickly make your own, often just for the price of a domain name registration. You can also have one custom-designed for you.


Website audits are very revealing even though the audit report is generated in just a few minutes. They answer many questions about the popularity and effectiveness of your central client touchpoint. Does it have enough daily visitor traffic?  Is your website easily found in search engines? Though, in most cases, website evaluations cannot measure visitor-to-customer conversion rates, they can help you increase that rate if you make necessary onpage or offpage changes in your site.  Many free website audit tools are available online that you can use for your audit. However, to save you time perhaps you should start off with a basic website analysis from an outside company.  You’ll also have a more objective view “conversation ability”.  


Quantitative website evaluations may reveal that the content of certain websites is optimal for visitor attraction, retention and conversion.  Businesses that own websites that are optimized for search engines and social media sites are usually quite successful.  But the visual element is also important and all sites should eventually have a qualitative audit. A website’s look and feel should be functional. The visuals should reinforce the content (including company vision and values).  It should be be appealing to the eyes, be easy to navigate (2 click rule) and have some free introductory offers to attract those who have not yet heard of your services.


The quantitative and qualitative website audits are both important.  Their bottom line is this: Does the website represent a reputable company that fills a common need well, fast, and affordably?  If it does then it will have a high conversion rate.  Improving “conversion ability” begin with a website audit, so take a first step and try a basic audit of your website.

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About SiberName offers “free basic website audits” that help you decide what actions you can take to make your site more useful to your market and your company’s bottom line.  They also provide you with the website-building tools your need to build your own free website when you register a domain name with them (this also includes 2 free email addresses, and many free extras).
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