Internet Service Providers and Web Hosts involved in French Law

A new law come to use and also to change the online space, the law which will allow to the intelligence gatherers to install some ” black boxes ” as they call them metaphorically, on internet service providers. The French ISPs will have to install this boxes and with their help they we will be able to analyze the users metadata and so to alert the authorities if it is possible to detect terrorist activities under the country’s sweeping surveillance bill which have been approved by the Constitutional Council.

We speak here about the French Surveillance bill , this law can provide safety and protection of citizens, to monitor the online activities of the citizens, will be able to locate the geolocation of this, mobile communications will be also intercepted, services providers and website host will be able to support this law too, and all these measures are taken by the French to be able to detect suspicious behavior of users. These black boxes will be provided by state to the providers, decoding algorithms will be anonymous, by decrypting passwords to gain access to all the online private discussions.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the law overhauls the entire legal framework for France’s surveillance operations for the first time since the 1990s. The overhaul was driven largely by the terrorist attacks in France earlier this year that killed 17 people. Under the law intelligence services will be able to work with telecommunications companies to gain real-time access to Internet connection data of suspected terrorists.

” The law allows authorities to require Internet providers to track suspicious behavior by monitoring so-called “metadata,” for example the time and frequency of use of a given site, but not the actual content of any communications. ” For more you can see a suggestive video here.

In a recent statement for WHIR a few key members of ISP French react to Online Surveillance Law in France : “For us, the result will be inevitable: we will move our infrastructure, our investments, and our workforce to somewhere where our customers will still want to work with us.” In the statement, the ISPs also touch on the controversial “black boxes” that the French law would require them to install in their infrastructure. The “unlimited access” will “foster uncertainty and doubt” in customers. They also argue that the French government is not equipped to handle the technical aspects of the black boxes.
“Requiring the installation of black boxes and authorizing the real-time capture of private information on French information networks opens the door to numerous security risks, which would place France under mass surveillance unlike anything ever seen before. We do not see how a nine-member advisory board, that can make decisions with only four members present, can reassure us on these issues. Despite what some in power may say, this is not a safety measure, but a major democratic issue that our elected officials need to tackle properly.”

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