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When deciding to build a website, there are many factors that come into play. Aside from the look, feel and content of your site — which is surely the bulk of the work — there’s also the tricky issue of obtaining a domain name. In this article we’ll discuss the purposes of a domain name, how to acquire one, why you might want to get a premium name, and how and why to use an escrow service.

Essentially, the purpose of a domain name is to provide a recognizable name to your website, thus distinguishing it from billions of other websites online. Attaining a domain name enables a web site’s IP address to be moved to a different physical location, whether it is a new network or a new country, and though the IP address has now changed, the website and its domain name still appears the same online.

Aside from it being necessary to getting your website online, there are many advantages to creating a unique domain name rather than using a numerical IP address. Domain names allow Internet users to easily find and communicate with web sites and other IP-based communication services. Also, the flexibility of the domain name system allows multiple IP addresses to be assigned to a single domain name or multiple domain names to be serviced from a single IP address. This means that one server may have multiple roles, such as hosting multiple independent websites, or that one role can be spread among many servers.
Technical reasons aside, if you’re building a website from the ground-up, a domain name can reflect the purpose of the website itself. Though given the millions of websites online, the chances of a user getting the most fitting for their site or their first choice in domain name is slim to none.

In the business of marketing domain names, “premium” domain names are often very valuable and expensive because of their particular characteristics. For example, the names are short and memorable, or may contain words that are regularly searched for on search engines, or they contain keywords that help the name gain a higher ranking on search engines.
Premium domain names may also contain generic words, so the word has more than one meaning and they commonly contain deliberate typos. For example, “facebok.com” was probably purchased with the intent of garnering the attention of those who incorrectly typed “facebook.com” into their address bar.

Given that premium domain names have the ability to be lucrative, those interested in purchasing one of these names must make sure they are using a reputable service. If a domain name is capable of being a lucrative source of income for someone, chances are acquiring the name will also be rather costly, and users must be cautious when providing personal information online or making online transactions.

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