List of 100 Website Touchpoints

1. App (Make your own app or have a student make one)
2. Audio blogs (People like to listen to useful content as they work.)
3. Banners
4. Billboards
5. Blog articles on blog sites
6. Blog articles on partner sites
7. Blog articles on social media sites
8. Blog articles on your site
9. Blog writers
10. Book chapters
11. Book preface
12. Book reviews
13. Books
14. Brochures
15. Business cards
16. Calendars
17. Client Referral program
18. Clients
19. Clients annual get-together event
20. Community newspapers
21. Community radio broadcasting stations
22. Community television stations
23. Company social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…)
24. Congratulatory emails or cards (promotions, birthdays…)
25. Content marketers
26. Contracts
27. Directories
28. Domain name(s)
29. Elevator pitch
30. Email Auto-responder messages
31. Email campaigns (permission-based email database!)
32. Email content (they might not read your email but won’t delete it)
33. Email signatures (your own, your staff…)
34. Email subject line(they might not open your email but won’t delete it
35. Email, emails from your staff
36. Event calendars
37. Event confirmations (attending meetings, events…)
38. Events
39. eZine articles
40. Family(ies)
41. Fax
42. Friends
43. Interns
44. Intranet
45. Invoices
46. Lunch and Learn Seminars
47. Magazine article
48. Market feedback forms (customer satisfaction surveys…)
49. Mission statements
50. Name plates
51. Name tags
52. News release
53. Newsletter
54. Newspaper ad
55. Newspaper article (to the editor…)
56. On Hold Message
57. Online Chat
58. Online Slideshare sites
59. Online tutorials
60. Other websites
61. Partners
62. Paycheck stubs
63. Photo captions
64. Photo-blogs
65. Posters
66. Presentation slides
67. Press releases
68. Pricing scheme (odd pricing schemes carrying a message)
69. Products (your company’s products)
70. Promotional items
71. Proposals
72. Radio
73. Receipts
74. Sales meeting ( invite all staff to some sales meetings)
75. Search engines
76. Shareable company photos with captions
77. Social media groups (Create your own group)
78. Social media posts or comments
79. Speeches
80. Sponsorships
81. Staff (Automated message, email signatures, paycheck stubs…)
82. Student design contest (with permission of professors)
83. Student intern program (Most colleges offer an intern program)
84. Suppliers
85. Telephone answering Service (Automated or human)
86. Telephone calls
87. Television
88. Text
89. Thank you letters (clients, staff, suppliers…)
90. Trade show
91. Vanity License plates
92. Vanity phone numbers (1-800-gotstuff)
93. Video annotations
94. Video blogs
95. Vision statement
96. Webinars
97. Website freebies
98. Whitepapers
99. Your customer support department
100. Your Domain Name

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