Mobile Readiness to Maintain the Flow of Business


Business is now moving at webspeed:  Today’s business environment is faster, more complex, more competitive than it ever was.  Clients need answers and solutions almost immediately, colleagues need to collaborate with each other and clients to find those solutions fast. To maintain the flow of business, mobile access to emails and the Internet has now become a new business requirement. In fact mobile website access and mobile email access are the future of small business.  We need to become as ubiquitous as the mobile Web. WebMail and SmartMail (smartphone email) are now necessities.  Having a Gmail address in your smartphone, however, is not an ideal mobile-email solution for business, unless you happen to work for Google.  Businesses need a domain-personalized mobile-email account (accessible via mobile devices). They also need a mobile-friendly website that can be easily viewed and modified (when necessary) on smartphones by a company’s decision-makers whenever they need to, and from wherever they happen to be.  Mobility and adaptation are key to survival in business.  A mobile-Web hosting company can help.


Always be accessible to your prime contacts: Setting up an email account in your smartphone allows you to be more responsive to your clients, your prospects, your partners, your colleagues, and your suppliers. With your SmartMail account in your pocket, you’ll be alerted every time you get an email from your prime contacts.  You can then take action on any priority opportunities (or issues) that arise, from wherever you are. It’s also convenient to have an e-mailing list ready in your smartphone, to send important announcements to your all contacts, even while you’re on the go.  Domain-personalized mobile-email should be used for all your prime contacts, including your family members, so you can be accessible to those who matter.


Setup your mobile devices for email access:

Getting a personalized mobile-email account is easy.  For instance, Sibername’s startup special provides you 2 free accounts with every domain registered through them. You can access your emails in many ways. You can configure your smartphone for your personalized email and be alerted immediately of incoming emails. If you are a Sibername client, simply contact to obtain the email settings for your mobile phone. You can also access your domain-personalized email through your webmail login page which has more features than your smartphone email account.


Sibername’s Webmail (web-based email) has many advantages:


  • Get statistics on those who email you
  • Unlimited email aliases for forwarding + Unlimited forwarding to other e-mail address
  • Set RSS feeds on your favourite sites and receive change notification emails
  • Sibername’s email accounts are on Canadian servers,  which offer greater privacy
  • Sibername’s email accounts are non-parsed.  Your interests and not tracked.


Please refer to the slide on “Domain-Personalized Email Accounts” to set up your mobile-email account today. Or, contact the Sibername 24/7 helpdesk service at Please note that accessing your domain-personalized email account does not require you to have a website.  But you might want to quickly setup a small web-page inviting people to contact you by email.  SiberName can also help you set up that page, which you can turn into a website later on when you have more time.

View your website from any mobile device:


Having a static Web presence is not enough for business any more. To be more productive, businesses now need a dynamic website: one that’s fast, mobile and modifiable. Businesses now need to be on Web 3.0, the Mobile Web. They need a mobile-Web presence, one that is both viewable and modifiable from any mobile device.  First of all, if you want your website to be found in the Google Search Engine, please remember that, since April 2015, Google’s new ranking algorithm favours mobile-friendly websites, websites that are easily viewable on mobile phones and load fast. Back in 2015 about 50% of all searches on Google were done on mobile devices.  That was 16 months ago!  Furthermore, back in 2012 mobile-WEB advertisement was estimated at 2.2 billion dollars.  That was 48 months ago!  It’s now clear that desktop websites are taking a back seat to mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-optimized sites are driving the Internet now and traveling at the speed of today’s business.  It may soon be time for a dynamic conversion of your website.


Not only do websites have to be mobile-compatible, they also have to be mobile optimized (faster loading…). Internet viewership has changed even more among business owners and Web surfing is now predominant on mobile devices because most people in business now have smartphones. They’re often on the go and when they need to find, buy, or sell something, it’s usually done fast.  Since 60% of the market is looking for products to buy or sell on smartphones, you can’t afford to have your website stay invisible to 60% of your market for long.  Business sites need to load fast and be phone-friendly for another important reason: “mobile searchers” have higher purchasing intent than desktop searchers!  It might be a good idea to contact a search engine optimization professional and get a website audit to help increase your search-engine ranking of your key web-page(s) on mobile devices. Making your website mobile-optimized may double the visitors to your site in a matter of weeks and, once again, mobile searchers are more likely to buy from anyone.  


To see if your website is mobile friendly, click on this “mobile-friendliness measurement link” from Google and test your own site.  If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may contact and inquire about search engine optimization and mobile responsive design services. Please keep in mind that Google search ranking is by webpage and not by website, which means that you can mobile-optimize your site page-by-page, starting with your most visited pages. Alternatively, you may inquire about creating a separate mobile website in addition to your current website.  You may even want to register a mobile-friendly domain name (.mobi) and make it easier for mobile searchers to find your site. Make sure each page of your new site is mobile-optimized and mobile-modifiable. Then compare the performance of the two websites using visitor analytics.  It could be a mind-opener.


Modify (or even create) your website from any mobile device:


Why should your website also be modifiable on mobile phones?  Decision makers (especially in small businesses) sometimes need to rapidly modify their website “on the go”, in response to any important communication received like staff emails, industry “news and trends” alerts, or RSS feeds. Business websites should also be readily modifiable to adapt to changing internal business circumstances as well as external market opportunities.  Adaptation is a key to business survival.  For that reason Sibername has some web-based website building tools you can use to modify your mobile-friendly website straight from your smartphone.   


Sibername’s mobile website-editors include:



Please refer to the slide on “Domain-Personalized WebPage” (or Website) to set up your mobile-ready website today. Or, contact Sibername’s 24/7 helpdesk service at


Contact a Mobile Website Hosting provider:


A good mobile website design depends primarily on your choice of Web hosting provider, ideally it would be a mobile-Web hosting provider who has the knowledge and the tools you may need to use for your mobile Web presence. If your company has its website hosted on secure, fast and reliable servers managed by a reputable Web Hosting provider, that’s a good start. But mobile Web hosting providers also offer you more:


Mobile web-hosting providers offer:  


  • Mobile-Website building tools (from desktop) Website Matic
  • Mobile-Website building tools (from mobile phones)  Weebly, Boost
  • Mobile-Website design experts (if needed)
  • Mobile-Website SEO services (location-based, or other)
  • Mobile-Website performance audit
  • Mobile-Website design with virtual teams (our designers can build pages with yours)
  • Mobile applications you can install with one click
  • Mobile-friendly control panel
  • Mobile-friendly marketing tools
  • Mobile-friendly payment applications
  • Mobile-email access and support
  • Mobile-eCommerce tools
  • Mobile-Web 3.0 Interoperability expertise(mobile operating systems and browsers…)
  • Also: 24/7 support / 99.99% uptime / Daily Backup / Domain Privacy / SSL certificates / Malware protection / Spam protection / eMail scanners / Private Canadian Web Hosting


For more information on mobile-Web hosting contact:


Register a .MOBI domain name


.MOBI domain name registration is very popular. This is becoming an important part on WEB 3.0, also called the Mobile Web.  You may consider registering a .MOBI domain name for your mobile website so you can be found more easily by mobile customers or business owners.  When you register a .MOBI domain, you will be able to create a .MOBI email address which will tell all those that you communicate with that your website is mobile-ready.


To register a .MOBI domain name click here.




The Mobile Web Era is here, and has been for years, all because people and businesses are more mobile.  This era is referred to as Web 3.0, The Mobile Era (Web 2.0 was the Social Media Era) and is expected to last longer than the social media stage because it is more practical than just sharing links.


Slide show:





About Sibername:


SiberName’s mission is to be the best host of Internet solutions, solutions that help increase the “mobility and sustainability” of small businesses, individuals and re-sellers. Even though SiberName can build and host complex business websites, it has built its reputation by making it easy and affordable for anyone to make, maintain and manage their web presence. Sibername has all the online tools and services you will ever need to develop your web presence as your business grows.




For as little as $12/year you can have your own domain, your own domain-personalized email account and your own website, from a certified Canadian Registrar. That price also includes hosting! All their do-it-yourself tools are simple to use and don’t require technical knowledge. Should you ever require any technical support, SiberName’s Premium helpdesk team is available 24/7, free also.  If you don’t have an Internet presence, now’s the time to build it.


Try before you buy:


If you are concerned that building a website may be too complicated, Sibername has free try-before-you-buy answers to that. These solutions do not require you to make any purchases at Sibername or even own a domain name. If you prefer to access the Internet via smartphone you may want to try Sibername’s Boost option where you build your own website using your smartphone.  If you access the Web through your desktop mostly then you can try other Sibername options before you buy.  Both these applications are totally free to try right now.  


SiberName: Where startups start up!


If all this is still too overwhelming, just contact SiberName support and they’ll build your initial web-page to get you started within minutes!  Just give them the content.  They’ll put up your webpage right now, then show you how you can make changes yourself.  But their website-building tools are so accessible you might prefer to try building it yourself from the start.


Free email account, DIY website and tech support when you register your domain with us.


Growing from there:  


Once your Web presence is established with SiberName, then you’ll trust us to help you grow that presence with our additional products and services.

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