Practical Website Design Improvements

Yes, we finally did it.  We’ve improved Sibername’s website design to adapt to our changing market.  Market feedback provided the motivation and direction for this important task and we used our own web-building tools to do the deed. For comparison of the two sites here’s a link to our new Sibername site and here’s a link to our old Sibername site. I will explain the practical value of these improvements in the list below and then you will better understand why we’re happy with these changes.

Basically, we wanted our site to be more inviting, more useful, easier on the eyes, faster to browse through, more accessible and much more actionable.  We’re practical folks and we thought that our improvements should be more functional and plain rather than visually stunning.  We’ll start by offering stunning services first and foremost.

List of Improvements of Sibername’s Website:


Though we rarely think of it, the background colour of the pages of any website is critical to the success of the whole website.  View the websites of the largest companies and governments of the world and you will notice they all have a light-coloured background, not a dark one.  That was our first and most noticeable change.  The background colour of our new website is now white.  White text on dark backgrounds are more difficult to read than dark text on white backgrounds.  A quick look at our former website will attest to that.  Actually, we just recently discovered that our website was practically invisible to people who suffer from colour-blindness. Such people represent from 1-2 % of the general population of Canada so it was a worthwhile decision to change the background colour.  Furthermore, the neutral white background gives one a serene feeling of simplicity and open space (as opposed to the more constrictive dark green colours of our previous site).


We now use a larger, smoother, and more modern font.  This was a practical choice as well.  Since the percentage of Canadians aged 65 and over is now about 25% we figured that a larger text size mattered to these millions of potential customers.  Older people on average have more difficulty in reading fine print. Our website is now almost squint-free, the next version will be totally squint-free.


GRAPHICS: In our new website we removed a number of graphics to make our site faster to load, less distracting and hopefully more profitable.   In the future we will be minimizing graphic images further (or describing them with text) so that our website is accessible even to the 5.5 million visually impaired Canadians whose specialized Web Browsers cannot interpret images (unless the image file contained a text description of the image).

COLOURS: We used a colour scheme to ease navigation and speed up client interactions. We used the orange colour to ease navigation. We used the dark green colour to guide potential buyers to actionable items that lead to business. Easing navigation through a comprehensive website like ours and speeding up decision making in a competitive environment is being achieved by our colour schemes.  Also, since many people print some of our webpages for instruction (or for purchasing decisions) we thought that reducing the colored content of our site would result in more economical printing for our clients.    


The easier it is for a website visitor to navigate through our website and find the service they need, the faster they will make a decision about giving us their business so we can serve them. Though it is not yet perfect, the navigational design of our website is more ergonomic than it once was. With our automatically appearing “drop-down windows” viewers scroll down our pages much less than before, and then only when they find an item of interest and need to dig deeper.  The faster and more comfortably prospective buyers find what they want on your site, the more likely they are to buy from you, from your site, or from your company.  Our chat button is an option to our site navigation, one that more people are now using.  Site visitors who clearly know what they want and are too busy to navigate through our site simply click on the chat button and text what they want to one of our customer service representatives.


Our previous site was completely static and our new site is more dynamic and lively with animated slide shows, this was added for those who do not have a clear mental picture of what they want to buy.  The slide show gives them options to consider.


Since our new menu bar and the drop-down lists describes what we can offer them we felt we did not need to remind visitors of that using an logo or motto.  Sometimes less is better, and there’s no need to boast that we are the best. All that matters is that we’re good enough for you.  We would like you to remember the Sibername experience, not our motto, logo or jingle.  Anyways the money we save is passed on to you in our very competitive pricing.


Our website is now bilingual (including our outgoing emails, blogs, newsletters)  Though this is more of a content improvement rather than a visual design one I mention it here because translating our text to accommodate another main language group in Canada is getting us positive results.  So much so that translations into other languages are now being considered.

Our older site served its purpose and made us successful in the past, but now as competition becomes more noticeable our design will adapt with our changing markets.  We’re working to make our website design accessible to all people and from all devices (desktops, mobile devices, or even assistive devices)

sylvain,  Sibername     Next article by sylvain: Your e-Prosperous Zones 


November 12, 2015

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