Can I register a domain name without any hosting services?

register a domain name

Can I register a domain name without any hosting services?

Domain Name and Hosting is two different things.

Domain name is the internet address of your website or email.

Web Hosting Service provides a internet space for your content.

Domain name is what users enter to the browser’s address bar to reach and access the web hosting space where you uploaded your content. Or the address they reach you by email.

Comparison to the real world:

If you want someone pick up some documents, you would ask him to go to your office and open a file cabinet where you have your files.

For a browser, your address to your files is specified by a domain name, and the file cabinet would be your web space folder you have your files uploaded.

But there are more than one reasons to register a domain name. You can use the domain name for email communications as well. By using a domain name for an email, you create communication points using that domain name as electronic address.

In that case, the domain name still points to an address. Instead of a file in a drawer, it points to a mail box. By specifying the name for the email, you point to a specific mail box for that specific reason or person. So would take this email to the mail box # info.

These all could be done without a domain name and by using an IP address such as but it would be hard to remember. At the end of the day, it is easier to give an address by using letters that makes sense than using numbers hard to remember.

It is an obviously easier choice between saying:

Go to my web site or got to my website at

Or email me at bulent@ or email me at

Can I register a domain name without any hosting services?  What are the costs, and do I have to pay per month.

On the other hand, you do not need to use your domain name for any reason other than owning the rights to use it or with domain name terminology “parking” it. Therefore you can simply register and pay registration fees to keep it.

SiberName provides free email and website builder with every domain, and that can give yourself a chance to start using the domain for hosting and email purposes by simply paying for a small domain name registration fee.

Domain names are priced based on their extension and they registrar’s pricing structure. But all domain names are registered and renewed with minimum of 1 year and maximum of 10 year term. Therefore you only pay once a year maximum for a domain name renewal unless you want to extend for multiple years.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, you can ask us at




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