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.STORE Launch Dates

  • Sunrise: 6th April to 5th June, 2016
  • Early Access Phase: 7th June to 14th June, 2016
  • General Availability: 14th June, 2016 onwards

Why a .STORE Domain Name?

.STORE can be used by any business that is looking to expand an online presence with a more identifiable domain extension. Aside from business owners, .STORE can also be used by storage companies.


A Snapshot of the E-Commerce Market

  • $176 billion Online retail sales in US in 2014
  • $325 billion B2C ecommerce revenue in Europe in 2013
  • $480 billion Online retail sales projected in US in 2019
    $534 billion
  • Ecommerce revenue projected from Europe in 2018

Online Shopping is a Global Phenomena

  • 40% Internet Users worldwide have shopped online
  • 191 million Online shoppers in US in 2013
  • 70% Of the population of US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden shops online
  • 215 million Online shoppers projected in US in 2018


Why Online Stores are Indispensable

  • Millennials research their options online before visiting a store
  • Millennials regularly browse for items they don’t plan on buying
  • Shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in physical stores
  • Store visitors use their mobiles before or during a shopping trip
  • Shoppers are more likely to purchase online if they are able to pick up their order in store
  • Shoppers prefer shopping online vs. in physical stores as long as exchanges are permitted


Enabling Business & Individuals to join this Massive Revolution The First E-Commerce Focused TLD

The Need for .STORE

Brands use the term ‘store’ in their domain name to clearly identify their online store

  • MicrosoftStore.com
  • DisneyStore.com
  • BungieStore.com


  • 460,000+ existing domains contain the term store
  • 1.7 million+ existing domains have e-commerce enabled websites:
  • 1.1 million+ of these are developed websites
  • 600,000 domains redirect to an e-commerce site

.STORE has an Enormous Target Market

  • Millions of merchants using e-commerce platforms worldwide
  • 2 million+ Amazon sellers
  • 1.4million+ Etsy stores
  • 300,000+ Buildabazar stores
  • 250,000+ Bigcartel stores
  • 100,000+ Shopify stores
  • 90,000+ Bigcommerce users

.STORE Registrar Information Document
store  is a common suffix used by brands when registering domains

  • 460,000+ existing domains contain the term ‘store’
  • 338,000+ of these domains end in ‘store’

.STORE Target Audience + Use Cases

  • Online Shopping Portals
  • Retail Brands
  • Local Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Storage Solutions Provider


Using .STORE Domains – Established Brands
Existing sellers can use a .store domain:


  • To directly take users to the sale or shopping section of their website
  • As an easy & memorable CTA for their Marketing Campaigns across all media – Print Ads, TV Ads, Radio Ads

Using .STORE Domains – Established Brands
Here is a sample illustration of the potential usage of .store domains

  • Fitbit.com/store -> fitbit.store
  • Mirosoft.com/en-us/store/apps -> microsoftapp.store
  • Shop.adidas.co.in/category -> Adidas.store


Companies can create a Portal dedicated to selling their products

A corporate website to share information about your brand

A .STORE to sell your products online


  • Playstation.com  -> Playstation.store
  • Mango.com -> Mango.store
  • NationalGeographic.com -> NationalGeographic.store


Grab a category killer. Give the brand the marketing edge it deserves!

  • Zappos.com -> Sneakers.store
  • Adidas.com -> Sneakers.store
  • Ikea.com -> furniture.store

SMBs that mainly operate offline, can use a .store domain:

•To expand their reach & serve more customers
•To service customers that may not be able to visit their store offline
•Easy & Memorable CTA for their Marketing Campaigns – both online & offline


SMBs can complement their offline presence with an online store

  • Flower Shop in Denver -> Denverflowers.store
  • Jane’s Organic Food Mart -> JanesOrganic.store
  • Quality Furniture Store ->  QualityFurniture.store

Brand your store on a 3rd party platform & make it professional


  • Facebook.com/amysearrings
  • Amazon.com/amysjewelery
  • Amysjewels.Myshopify.com
  • Amys-jewelery.Etsy.com   -> Amyjewels.store


Budding entrepreneurs & start-ups in the Retail Sector:

  • As their primary URL
  • Avoid longer names, confusing domain hacks, or misspells
  • Clearly identify themselves as a retail business

As a Short, Distinctive, Refreshing and Memorable Primary URL

Flipkart.com -> Flipcart.store

TopComputerAccessories.com -> ComputerParts.store

JaneBrad.ly -> JaneBradley.store

Offline Solutions

  • Warehousing services
  • Online Solutions
  • Online & Cloud Storage
  • Companies offering physical Storage Devices
  • Hard Drives
  • Pen Drives
  • DVDs
  • SD Cards

Storage Solution Companies can get a name that perfectly represents their business

  • Containerstore.com -> Container.store
  • Kingston.com -> Kingston.store
  • Dell.com/in/business/p/storage-products  -> Dell.store

Why We Offer .STORE?

  • Massive market with a huge potential
  • 1.7 million domains support e-commerce & are developed sites
  • 460,000+ existing domains contain the term ‘store’
  • 360,000 of these domains end in store
  • First e-commerce focused TLD
  • No other domain extension fits the e-commerce market so perfectly!
  • Perfect value add for your e-commerce products
  • Bundle .store with your e-com site builder and webhosting services
  • Strong customer buying power
  • .store domain buyers are business minded
  • Likely to buy more products from your registrar business
  • Good quality customers
  • .store customers likely to use the domain to set up a store online
  • Higher renewal probability – the domain being an integral part of their business
  • The E-commerce boom is global
  • Healthy growth of the e-commerce market across all geographies

.STORE Launch Dates

  • Sunrise: 6th April to 5th June, 2016
  • Early Access Phase: 7th June to 14th June, 2016
  • General Availability: 14th June, 2016 onwards

Pre-register your .STORE domain name now!

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