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At Sibername, when our clients succeed so do we, even though we, as a web hosting business, play a very small role in their success. However, we are usually among the first to know which of our clients are succeeding, especially when they contact us requesting more services.  When they ask us for more server space, more domain name registrations, more email addresses or custom website design assistance we know they are doing well.  So we are proud to start showcasing our clients and this week we’ll be introducing to you a small Ottawa startup not-for-profit organization that is using their Internet presence as a main tool to increase interactions among its members and also with their national market.

Success in business may be measured in many ways: more viewers, more interactions, more clients, more partners, more profits.  But it all has to start from some point, usually from a humble but innovative beginning.  This week’s featured showcase client is the youth-created, youth-run group called Castlestone in Ottawa, Canada.  Being very familiar with the  Internet, these young leaders knew the Internet would be the most cost-effective way for their group to expand and be noticed so they could reach their unbelievable goal in a very innovative way.

Castlestone Group’s mission is to alleviate poverty and end homelessness in Canada.  Their founder David Qiu, a teenager from the national capital region, has a novel approach to achieving his group’s goal: they start by building up the self esteem of the homeless.  In his own words, “Stone by stone, we’ll build up the castle of the self-esteem of the homeless.”  So the groups’ starting point is to create fellowship with the down-trodden. Their squad-care (teams of teens) also distribute care-packages which contain many necessary products but fellowship is key. Their newly created website gave the public information about what they did which was fine and necessary. But they needed something more to grow their teams and reach the homeless. They needed a second more dynamic website. So they created a social media site, as good as Facebook, and members started interacting among themselves within this protected site.  Though it was just launched last week their site has several teenage members and is being opened to their parents, corporations and to the homeless, who now have a virtual home on the Web (

This multi-media/social-media site is highly interactive and has frequent visitors, mostly young people aged 15-19. The community pages (photos, blogs, videos, events, discussion forums) can be viewed by all but sign-up and sign-in is required if one wishes to view member profiles and interact with others. Those who sign up can also create their own groups within the Castlestone main group. The site is also being used to create Castlestone chapters in other cities across Canada (and they now have four chapters, in four different cities).  Moderation is minimal because members all have common ground values and they also adhere to a code of conduct.  

We wish the innovative Castlestone group continued success.  May they achieve their worthwhile goal.

sylvain,  Sibername

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November 12, 2015

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