SiberName Services for Seniors cares about all its customers. This article is written for the benefit of SiberName customers who are now senior citizens and who wish to create their first public web presence. The website could be used as a daily journal, a hobby site, or a small business site.  It could also be a local community portal for sharing links or information about different topics: health, humor, learning, travel, jobs, events, or dating.    In this article we will show how easy it is at SiberName to:

create your account,

register your domain name

create your  Web presence,  (register your domain> login to your account> click “START”)

become a SiberName Agent, (if you wish to earn extra revenue)

ask questions, 24/7, if you have any .


(In my next article I will write about how seniors can create a legacy website which only their friends and family can access.)


Personalized Web Presence for Seniors: Seniors who wish to have a personalized Web presence can register their Internet domain name with SiberName and then create their own website using SiberName’s free website building tools, at no additional charge.  The website will be automatically connected to their domain name for them.  This personalized web presence can facilitate connecting with others across the world and across generations.  All this is available just for registering domain names at SiberName.  


(As long as your domain name is registered with SiberName, your website will be free to build, or rebuild, when you use our easy-to-use website building tools.)


Domain Name Privacy and Protection: SiberName domain names are, by default, privacy protected at no additional cost.  This means that the domain registrant’s contact information and address are kept confidential everywhere.  This means no spam emails, letters, or phone calls will take place from the domain registration process.  The domain belongs to the registrant as long as they renew the registration each year.  Registrants can pay for their registration up to 10 years in advance so that they don’t have to receive yearly domain renewal reminders from SiberName.  This also protects them from domain price increases.  Domain registrants can, if they so wish, transfer their domains to anyone who’d like to receive them or buy them.  For your protection, only you can make changes to your domain.

(Registering a domain name for 10 years in advance will keep your SiberName* website active for the same period at no extra cost)


Website Building Tools: Once a domain name is registered the registrant can start building their own free website using our free and “easy to use” website building tools. These tools are instantly available by clicking the “Start” button in the client’s dashboard area.  To access this dashboard area the client goes to SiberName’s website and clicks on the customer login button using their email address (or their domain name).  If a client forgets their login password then all they have to do is click on the link “forgot my password” and a new temporary password will be automatically created and emailed to the client.  This customer login password can be changed by the registrant as often as they need to.  Their websites can also be modified at any time.


The website building tools allows for much flexibility.  


-Content and thematic designs can be changed at any time

-Font size can be adjusted for easier reading

-Photos can be added or removed,

-Blog journal articles can be written daily,

-Links to social media sites can be added

-Applications can be embedded,

-and much more…


(Try registering an inexpensive domain name and start using our website building tools.)  


Security: SiberName scans all the websites of its thousands of customers on a weekly basis.  If a security risk is found on a website hosted by Sibername, our clients are informed by email and, most often, SiberName removes the risk for free if the client is not able to.


Opening an account at Sibername:  Opening an account at SiberName is easy and does not require you to make any purchases or add credit card information. Your client account dashboard provides you with a convenient record of all the products and services you will ever purchase from us and allows you to make additional purchases 24/7.   It also allows you to update your profile information so we can keep track of important changes.  It also keeps track of your earnings if you decide to join our SiberName Agent program

Support Staff: The quality of SiberName’s support service is well known in the “Web Presence Industry” and we welcome you to contact us now ( with any of your questions.  The support staff also make “how to” videos for SiberName’s Youtube channel.

SiberName will be glad to schedule an appointment to phone or Skype its senior clients  to assist them as they take their first steps to establish their Web presence.  Our web building tools  are also easy to use.  We can also make Youtube videos on Webb presence topics of particular interest to seniors.


Other tips for seniors:

-Use Google alerts to bring the news to your email rather than search for news each day.

-Disable the auto-fill feature of your browser(s),

-Disable pop-ups,

-Empty your browser Cache often,

-If you use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your email and your website, you may lose both if you stop using that ISP

-Always logout of applications online once you are finished using them,

-Password-protect important documents,

-Try to use different passwords for the different applications you use, (invent your own memo-system)

-Increase the text size of the web pages you browse by using the zoom in your browser.

-Create a blog page on your website so you can communicate with your online friends

-Always log out of your email account(s) when you are away from your computer or mobile devices.


sylvain henry



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You’ll be automatically given an agent link (example: ) which you can use to share any promotional pages on our website.  If people click on your agent link and purchase a service you will automatically earn a commission.

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*SiberName Websites are ones that are built using SiberName’s free website building tools



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