Some ideas about choosing domain names

.ca domain name

Some tips to register a domain name:

Among the challenges of creating an internet site name is making certain no else had it. Users find a web site that enchants or sounds comparable to another one misleading. This scenario may also cause complications with another website. Flickr was forced to follow a lawsuit to own in order that their users wouldn’t be redirected to the wrong site.

Try the path less traveled:

Consider registering a ccTLD (country code TLD) such as .ca domain name. Please be aware that there are certain restrictions apply to register ccTLD’s. Mainly they require geographical presence to the country these ccTLD’s belong to. For example, .ca can only be register by individuals and persons with Canadian connection.

You can also consider using .business domain name, .company domain name, .expert domain name, .guru domain name, .ltd domain name, .solutions domain name, .systems domain name, .tips domain name which are offered with special discounted price with SiberName at the time of this article.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with using a popular gTLD such as .com .net. Only problem is it is harder to find the domain name you like since there’s a higher possibility of the name you need being already taken. There is always a possibility to add a city name to a domain name already taken. Example: if the domain is taken, you can simply register

Make sure it is not prone to spelling mistakes:

Try to avoid p”, q”, x”, and z in your web address. The important point is it must be pretty easy to type. Visitors may be put off when they’ve to spend time to type a name properly: this may reduce both visitors as well as your speed of conversion.

Find a domain name easy to remember:

Irrespective of how wonderful your website looks, it’d be pointless if no one visits. How do you expect individuals to take a look if they cannot even recall its name? Make sure your own domain name is catchy enough that it sticks in people’s minds.

Use popular keywords you want to be found in your domain name

Decide at least five of the most typical key words that apply to your business.  Visit SiberName Domains, and look for options including these keywords. If a domain name is taken, do a whois search to learn the owner of this domain name.  It might help you to find out what other companies are registering which domain names.

By means of the process, you can easily add or remove prefixes, suffixes, as well as prepositions till you ultimately find one that’s accessible. This tactic may assist you in finding which distinctive terms or phrases you may use.


Search Engines and your domain name:

You may still apply search engine optimization trends to your domain name by including the keywords in your domain name. Don’t forget, search engine marketing trends change often, however your domain name is eternal. With search engines constantly upgrading their applications algorithm, there’s a danger that the site’s positions could drop just since keyword in a domain name is now not relevant.

Other points:


  • Ensure you’re not infringing anyone else’s name or trademark.
  • Keep it short but also make sure it reflects the real nature of one’s business.

With these tips we hope you can have a SEO-friendly, easy to remember and a popular  domain name.


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