Things About Your Company Website Your Boss Would Like To Know

The company you work for may be losing money by not using its website well.  Perhaps you’re the one to find out why and tell your boss next Monday morning.  If that person is you, below are some things to include in your report:


Responsive design:

Is your company website view-able and accessible via smartphone, a tablet and a laptop?  Access these 3 devices then check to see if your company website is easily view-able and accessible on them.  If the download speeds and the ease of navigation are weak in any of these devices then you’ll have something to report.  

(Please keep in mind that if you want your website to be seen by at least 60%  of online visitors it most be mobile-friendly.)


Alexa Ranking:

Go to and see the ranking stats of your company’s website and compare it to your direct competition.  This free tool will also tell you in which countries your website is most popular in.  It will tell you which keywords or key phrases are most commonly used to find your website, or competitor’s websites.  It will also tell you which are the top 5 sites people visit before coming to your website.  Use this information to your company’s advantage.  

(Write a blog article for your company website using these popular terms. This might help increase your site’s global ranking!) 

Domain name protection:

Go to and see the status of your company website. You might want to see the expiration date on the company domain name and remind your boss to renew the domain name before that date.  If the domain status says “domain redemption period” then you know your company is in trouble and you can save their domain. Domain names are more than the identity of a company, all company email accounts depend on the domain name so much can go wrong if the domain is not renewed or redeemed.

(Recommend that your company’s domain name should be reserved a few years in advance.  Save money and reduce risks.)


Google analytics :

Go to and examine the detailed stats on your website visitors.  No company should have a website without using this kind of tool.  Google analytics will give you so much information to report on that you may want to set aside at least an hour to generate a website visitor analytics report.  But the bottom line is this: It will tell you what you need to know to increase your visitor conversion rates almost immediately.

(Use website analytic tools to help convert website visitors into customers.)

Website security and backup:  

Is your website backed up on different servers?  Is it scanned regularly for security risks? Your boss might be happy to know that if he/she does not have a good scanning and backup service, they can have one immediately at and  at very affordable prices.

(Your company website should be scanned and backed up daily on reliable servers that have no downtime.)



Using the information in this article is enough to get your boss’s attention.  If you do get his/her attention then contact us for a more detailed list if you wish  (free of charge) so we can share more information (such as tracking inbound links to your website and outbound links from your website).  



(For the complete list write to  In the subject line just write: “Send Sylvain’s Free List #12”) 

(If you’d like to be emailed our free small-business productivity articles just write: “Send Sylvain’s Small Business Articles”)

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