Using SSL with Your Website for Increased Security

A question that often reverberates in our minds as we upload, download and surf the internet is whether or not the data we are accessing, engaging with and transmitting is secure. How vulnerable are our files and personal data at the end of the day?

Data is the single most important asset of each and every network in operation today. One area where protecting data is extremely important is your company’s web services. If you run a website that requires authentication before clients can access the site, you may want to consider an added level of security for your site.

The idea behind SSL and how it operates:

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was created to add a serious level of security to web service-driven environments. The protocol is used to fortify your website and ensure that when certain appropriate data is transferred between the client and the server, it is completely hidden through various encryption techniques. The encryption ensures the integrity and security of the communications traveling over the network and prevents hackers from stealing your information.

The SSL protocol is by no means a brand new technology that must win over skeptics. The SSL public key encryption system has been poked and prodded by security experts all over the world. Banks, governments, and major retailers all use the SSL protocol and entrust billions of dollars in transactions and data to it.

Sibername is a domain name and web hosting company that works to provide stability, security, and accessibility for all of its clients. Find out more about Sibername’s SSL Secure 265 bit Web certificates today.

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