.website Domain Name- the First True Generic , now in Sunrise Announcement

.website domain name registration

The promise of new gTLDs has been a greater range of choices. In spite of the flood of new gTLDs you’ve seen, there is still a need for a TLD that truly cuts across genres & industries, giving your brand a universal identity.

It gives us great pleasure in announcing the launch of .website – the first true generic TLD in the new era of the internet.

.website – Truly Generic. Infinite Potential

About .Website Domain Names

.website captures the essence of interaction over the internet and is the perfect way to brand your website with a distinct online presence. .website is not a niche TLD. It’s not designed to represent a vertical industry and it’s not relegated to a specific market sector. .Website is for everyone.

.Website is for you.

A .website domain perfectly embodies and symbolizes your online identity!

  • You transact business on the internet – through a website
  • You share your opinions on the internet – on a website
  • You stream videos – through a website
  • You listen to music – on a website
  • You spend all your time on the internet – interacting with websites

So why have your online presence on anything but .website?

Why Should I Register Mybrand.Website?

The Sunrise phase of .website is currently LIVE. For brand owners like you, Sunrise offers an edge in registration by making it possible to protect your brand and secure the newest and most relevant domain options before anyone else, all while strengthening your brand image.

As .website is the first true ASCII generic domain to launch, it is the first new extension that competes directly with .com. Combine the advantages of .website (affordability, availability, unlimited reach) with its anticipated wide adoption, .website is set to be a mass market extension. Hence, it becomes important for brands such as you to secure your name in Sunrise itself.

Sunrise registration reduces the risk of squatting by allowing you to get a head start on general availability and claim your brand domains before anyone else, further eliminating negative connotations or publicity and avoiding recovery hassles, if your trademark domain falls into the wrong hands.

Quick facts on why you can’t miss the .website Sunrise:

  • The first truly generic new gTLD – infinite potential for the namespace

  • Relevant to everyone – Unlike other niche extensions, .website is a TLD that every brand owner should secure irrespective of being a clothing, food or technology brand, your brand uses a Website!

  • Strong Global distribution network + Affordable GA price point = High Squatting risk for brands
  • Save more, Worry Less – You’d rather take a proactive step and safeguard your brand instead of going through the nightmare that domain recovery is!

Want to register .website domain names for your brand?

Launch Date: 24 June, 2014
Price: $23.95

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