Website Promotion Routine: Learn by Doing

Website Promotion Routine: Learn by Doing


There are many ways to promote a website, by “trial and error” you’ll discover what works best to promote yours.  But there’s no point in trying everything. Scan what is currently working well for others then build your own plan. Look at the websites of the most successful companies. There you may find some very valuable clues as to what you should be adding to your website, and that’s helpful.  You’ll quickly discover, though, that all the good stuff is actually found beyond great websites and requires an action routine to understand and develop fully.  The more successful companies, for instance, all have more external client touchpoints to their websites than smaller companies.  That usually requires more time and money, but your routine will help you uncover some very valuable shortcuts (that you’ll never share in any article).


Once your website is ready for its official launch, and you’ve reviewed your “website launch readiness checklist”, it would be wise to practice your own website promotion routine at least 1 week before your official website launch date. This will give you time enough to discover the potential of your routine, and you’ll start to develop the habit of what works well for you. The official launch of your site will be ignited by the synchronized publication and promotion of blog articles, press releases, or social media group announcements all pointing to your new, or upgraded, site.  This is a one-time deal so your “website launch readiness checklist” and your “website promotion routine” are invaluable.  If your launch is successful, then protect your checklist and routine in a safe place.  My “basic” checklist will be the contained in my next article and here below I give you a sample routine you can include in your own plan.


Here’s a partial list of activities you can include in your “website promotion routine” ( my new webinar will contain 100 points):


  • Write blog articles on weekends, share them only at peak traffic times during the week. If you’re too busy to blog, hire a blogger!
  • Follow article stats and feedback.  Expand or enhance successful articles. Befriend those who like and share them.
  • Improve your website content based on market feedback or your successes.  Thank your content contributors.
  • Create social media groups related to your website. Develop and maintain relationships there.
  • Add useful images on your site, write catchy captions on them. People like to share good content, images, or videos.
  • Tweet each page of your website from time to time vary the message.  Optimize your social media share points
  • Make a blog to announce the Official launch. Share the blog article in your blog list. (see website traffic checklist article)
  • In your website, consider Embedding social media posts related to the theme of your value adding proposition. Share and comment
  • Optimize meta-tags for each web page

Register new domain names and direct traffic to your site.


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