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Business websites should have a single purpose: creating and maintaining customers.  Long-established businesses have already achieved a significant client base that so optimizing, or even maintaining, their websites is often less important to them.  They often promote their business through expensive advertising and use their websites as global business cards (so interested visitors can phone them or email them if they need information or a quote).  Website visitors don’t linger on such sites, and rarely would they share the link to them.  That presents an opportunity for startups in traditional industries.  SiberName, a Canadian web design and hosting company that hosts thousands of domains and websites for startups, knows this all too well and advises startups to succeed by design, by website design.  SiberName shares its experience with it’s customers and suggests all they should do to have a more engaging and interactive Web presence.


Building better websites is exactly where startups should focus their attention, even before they open their doors to business.  If they build a website that engages visitors (and makes them return to the site) they may get useful market information regarding current needs or opportunities in their area.  They will also start developing relationships.  Website visitor interactions can help startup owners steer toward more profitable niche markets, that even the startup’s competitor may be unaware of.


Startups have advantages.  They don’t have long lists of clients to impress website visitors, but they may have long lists of innovative and newsworthy ideas that are more cost effective than what is currently available.  They don’t have tons of money to spend on advertising their website but they have loads of time to interact with website visitors directly, those who are interested in their new ideas or pricing structure.  Startups may not have the industry experience of larger companies but they may have better marketing experience, strategies, or tools.  Marketing muscle matters!  Good marketing strategies usually result in more industry experience. Also, startups are more flexible than larger companies and can “turn on a dime” if they find untapped and profitable niche markets.  Startups have advantages they should discover and exploit using a well-planned website.


How should startups build their websites?  First they should consult with a reliable website development company that also provides website hosting service.  Companies that offer both these services are very advantageous to startups because they benefit from your growth in four ways. Website development/hosting providers benefit from helping you build your website and they also benefit from hosting your website.  They grow as you grow (since you’ll need more hosting space), so it’s to their advantage to help boost your business.  Furthermore, they also know, from hosting thousands of websites, what makes some websites fade away and what makes others shine.    


Once startup owners have selected good domain names for their businesses, once they’ve selected a website building/hosting provider, then they should design a website that will do all that traditional websites don’t do, but should do.


Let’s take a traditional industry like the construction industry as an example.  A startup construction company should consider the following in their website design:


  • Include a unique client requirements form. (Include a file attachment function so clients can add blueprints, sketches or photos)
  • Include info on unique construction materials or methods
  • Have a blog page with articles about recently completed projects or customer testimonials  (Include attention-grabbing headlines)
  • Make websites device responsive (Mobile friendly-since more people are mobile searchers now)
  • Have the website optimized for search engines (Local and industry specific searches)
  • Have a social media marketing plan
  • Have a content marketing plan
  • Have a video marketing plan
  • Have an online chat hotline to customer service
  • Conduct a comparative survey of locally competitive websites
  • Use secure servers for hosting your website.  (with regular website scanning and backup)


All these points should be considered when planning the construction of a website for a startup construction company. Companies like SiberName offer all these services listed above.

SiberName: Where Startups Start Up

Ottawa, Canada

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