What is an IP Address?

People can communicate effectively when they agree to use a common language. They could speak, Turkish, Spanish, French, or even sign language, but they must use the same language. Computers work the same way. The IP internet protocol is like a language that computers and networks both speak and understand. More specifically, the IP address is a set of rules that defines how two computers communicate and exchange data with one another.

Just as a mailing address identifies your home, an IP address uniquely identifies a host. A mailing address is also made up of two parts. Part of the address tells the post office what street you live on and part of it tells which house you live in on that street or in that specific building. All the addresses on your street include the same street name but each building or house will have a unique number. IP addresses are similar. They like personal addresses can also be broken down into two parts. One part of the IP address represents the network that the host is on, and the other part represents that unique host on that network.

What is an IP address made up of?

An IP Address consists of 32 bits, written as four 8-bit numbers separated by a decimal point. Every IP address is invisibly divided into two parts, the first part identifies a particular network, and the second part identifies a particular machine on that network called a host. The point at which the first part, the network part of the address ends and the second part, the host part of the address begins depends on the size of a network.

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