Why is .Family Important?

Why is Family Important?

The family is the first and most important unit of any society. It is the place where you first learn to communicate with others, the “master skill” of humanity. Your family is your primary source of comfort, motivation, support, knowledge, and wisdom.  There are many kinds of families but, regardless of how you define your own, a happy, healthy and productive family is a source of strength and stability. Families, therefore, deserve to be recognized.  A .Family domain name is one way to recognize your family.

Why is .FAMILY Important?

As your family expands beyond your home and beyond your generation it is now possible to keep all its members instantly connected to each other: through a family-central website. If this is an option that appeals to you then please note that the new domain name extension .FAMILY will be available in January 2016 (for registering family, family businesses, group, organization or community domain names).  This gives you enough time to consider reserving a unique .FAMILY domain name for your own family, then making a central website around it.  With it you could promote and support your family, your family business, the businesses of your family members, or your community. Your .FAMILY central website is also great for blogging important news updates to the whole family at once.  

How can families be more productive?  

There are many things families can do to be more productive to its members or as a whole. Creating a central website together could be one of them.  Should you decide to register your .FAMILY domain name, here below are a few features you should consider eventually including in your “family central” website:


  • Privacy: You can include sign-in sections of the website for family-only info
  • Connect: Member directory (family, friends), people maps, emergency mailing list
  • Share: family photos, audios, videos, blog articles, news clippings and so on
  • Communicate: family email, newsletter, live-streaming broadcasts,
  • Interlink: Link page to all the family member websites
  • Organize: Online and onsite events, invitations, fund raising, event calendar
  • Sell: ecommerce for all the members, gifting
  • Promote: via social media sites
  • Secure Member Support: Family members could also be supported securely and directly through your central family channel.  

Some Benefits of Building a .FAMILY Central Website:

  • It is an experiment in family collaboration
  • It is less expensive than building individual member sites
  • You have an instant captive audience for your website with frequent visitors
  • Any member can promote the achievements of any other members
  • Using the mailing list feature, family emergency info can be communicated faster
  • Using the family calendar feature, no one can miss important family events
  • Family members can access your family central site with smartphones or laptops

Sunrise Ends:               January 9, 2016
Early Access Phase:   January 13-19, 2016
General Availability: January 20,  2016

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2 responses to “Why is .Family Important?”

  1. David Qiu says:

    I fully recommend using the domain .family if you’re creating a family business, mostly because it helps distinguish the idea that will surround your audience. Your customers will enjoy knowing they can trust a body of honest marketers that helps benefit them too. The author of this blog fully demonstrates the importance of this domain, well done.

    Communication is key, and I fully recommend the .family domain!

  2. […] email.  The first decision I had to make was which domain name extension to select (.PRO, .CA, .FAMILY, .AUTO …). I selected a .COM actually only after I made sure my specific domain name was […]

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