Why Start With .ca Domain Name?

Why should you start with a .ca domain name?  The domain name extension you select has different legal and commercial advantages.  I will list a few of the advantages of selecting a .CA domain name extension for those individuals, groups, not-for-profit organizations and businesses.  It is good to consider this before you decide on your domain name.

  • If your market is primarily within Canada it is an advantage to have a .CA domain name.  Canadians like to buy from Canadian companies
  • A business with a .CA domain name extension is usually a Canadian business
  • In Canada you do not have to be a business to own a .CA domain name but you must provide a Canadian address to the registrar.
  • Canadians prefer to shop from companies that have a .CA domain name extension
  • They are inexpensive to purchase and to maintain each year.
  • Be found more easily by those narrowing their webs search to Canadian sites  because .CA domain names usually means that the organizations using them are located in Canada or headquartered in Canada.
  • As accessible as the .com domain name and yet be recognized internationally
  • Gives you a national, patriotic identity
  • Gives you a greater variety of domain names to select from. Qualifying individuals can register an unlimited amount of .CA domain names.
  • .CA Domain name policies and administration are set by CIRA, and governed by Canadian law.
  • .CA domain names can be up to 50 characters long. (Minimum 2 characters)
  • They can be registered for up to 10 years in advance.
  • .CA Domain name extension are kept securely in an independent national registry so they are trusted
  • In the Google search engine a .CA website is a website associated with Canada and that helps localized searches
  • Your search engine rankings will increase with Canadians who use the Google.ca search engine
  • Some registrars include free privacy protection (of  the identities of .CA domain names owners)  when you pay for normal domain name registration  (like Sibername).  This helps you reduce spam phone calls and emails.
  • Registering your domain name with many extensions helps protect your business identity, your brand and your trademarks.
  • The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) manages the .CA domain name extension so it uses reliable Canadian servers to help assure 100% availability and furthermore CIRA is Canadian and represents Canadians and gives them a voice in Internet Policy
  • Canadian companies using the .COM domain name extension are seen as American companies, organizations or groups.
  • A .CA extension indicates to all search engines that the website is Canadian, which helps for those who are searching for Canadian companies.

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