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Whether I blog for a cause, a commercial market, or for my friends I now let my market decide what I write about when I’m writing blog articles.  It’s more pleasant and beneficial that way.  To find out what interests my professional circles I browse news aggregation sites as well as online trend-searching tools like TwitterTrends and GoogleTrends for the new and important topics of the week.  I usually find a good topic for an article within seconds.  Using these trend-searching tools you’ll see for yourself that topics like “content marketing” and “webinars” are definitely trending now and will be for months to come. More often than not the topics I select are indeed of interest to my market and many of my friends. Once found I simply create an outline for this topic and list all the ideas I’d like to share with others about it. If the ideas in the outline are hot then the keywords and key phrases will be also.  However, if I cannot find a hot or important topic to write about using my “trend search tools” then I use the several idea-generating tools online which can stimulate ideas for a new topic.  Otherwise I go for a walk outside (with a paper notepad) and and let the fresh air inspire my creativity. 

I write the outlines of my articles on Saturdays because I know I can reach my friends more easily and have them review my outline if I feel the topic would interest them.  Their feedback is valuable and it’s always good to consider different perspectives and new ideas.   I usually use a web-based word processing application like Google docs for outlining and writing because it’s an online document-editing tool that’s freely available to everyone, everywhere, anytime.  Online collaborative-editing benefits all whom it involves and is one of the world‘s best tools for stimulating creative flow.  What’s nice about blogging online is that you can always come back to articles you’ve written in the past and optimize them from time to time.

My writing style is simple and I like to call it my “audience of three”. I try to make my articles interesting or useful to myself first, then I re-write it thinking of how I can make it interesting to one of my friends, one of my clients.  That’s it.  With this approach writing becomes more of a conversation.  A good article is a good conversation.  Creative flow matters to me more than polished prose.  I do not intend to have a Pulitzer Prize in literature but I do intend to have useful and pleasant conversations with my clients and friends.  Marketing, after all, is simply a conversation with your market.  If our article get good responses from our readers then we are good content marketers.

Once I’ve finished my first draft using my “audience of three” conversation-style writing then I check it for flow, clarity, brevity and usefulness before I publish it and share it in three different social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). I then get a fresh cup of coffee and look at the real-time Google Analytics stats right after publishing it.  Using this tool I see if a certain location in Canada is viewing my article.  If I’m writing about employment, for instance, I usually notice that people in Calgary are on my blog’s website. I can then fine tune my article to impact those who are reading it.  I can even change the title of the article to suit the most interested audience.  Once people respond to your article blogging then becomes a real-time conversation with your market and friends. Will you post a comment?

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PS If your blog article becomes popular then you might consider using a tele-prompting tool to read your article out loud and make it an audio-blog or a video-blog.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” – Lee Odden

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