Your First SEO Strategy

Your First SEO Strategy: Introduction                                                                               (888) 333-3860 

You’ve started a small business and launched a website to let potential customers know your value proposition. But there are hundreds of millions of websites out there in cyberspace, so how do you make your website more visible to your target market? You start marketing.


Marketing is when you engage your particular market in a purposeful conversation (like this one).  Marketing your business can be online or offline, inbound or outbound, but nowadays it usually involves raising a website’s visibility.  There are many methods for marketing your website and it’s wise to try a few so you can see how effective and different they are.  In fact, many professional marketers apply (and even synchronize) different methods to get the advantages of each one.  For instance, you can try social media marketing to attract immediate market attention. You can then try content marketing, video marketing, or audio marketing for longer term attention. As you face more competition, however, you may have to try the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to attain, and maintain, a continuous flow of free and targeted visitors.  There’s no point in building a $10,000 website that no one can find in search engines.


As powerful as it is, search engine optimization is one of those things you cannot blindly try.  If you over-optimize or engage in “black-hat” SEO techniques (techniques not permitted by certain search engines) this will negatively affect your search engine ranking. This may even result in the blacklisting of your website from some search engines. So either you learn to utilize all the “white-hat” SEO techniques, or you hire an ethical SEO strategist to do it for you.  It’s important to note however that search engine optimization is not an appropriate marketing strategy for every single website, whereas in other cases it’s an extremely powerful marketing tool.  Contact a trusted SEO strategist to see if your website (or some web pages) would benefit from search engine optimization.


Your First SEO Strategy: Basic Recommendations                                                                 (888) 333-3860 


  • Research the problems of your target market!  No problems = no opportunities.  Make your stated value proposition fit their current needs and interests.
  • Know who your competitors are.  Know how to make your value proposition stand out from theirs.  Give this information to your SEO strategist.
  • To start off your search for a strategist, contact your trusted web hosting service company to see if they’ll recommend one they know and trust.  
  • If possible, select a SEO strategist that works for an established web hosting provider (example: Sibername). This will be convenient and reduce risks.
  • Make a checklist of questions you’ll ask SEO strategists before using their services. If they don’t answer you your questions, don’t use them.
  • Email your SEO strategist a list of your complete requirements.  Make sure your SEO strategist knows which pages you want optimized.
  • You may also wish to discuss with them: image SEO, local SEO, video SEO, mobile SEO, niche SEO…
  • Select a SEO strategist that provides you with detailed monthly reports of their progress. See the reports then cancel the service if there’s no progress.
  • Learn the basics of SEO so you know what the good practices are and avoid the bad ones. Make sure your strategist uses the good.  
  • Once you select a SEO service provider ask them to assess the quality of your website’s content before they optimize it.
  • Use three popular search engines right now and see what current ranking you have when searching for a business like yours.
  • Audit your website traffic stats before engaging the SEO strategist.  Also assess the quality and quantity of inbound links to your site beforehand.
  • Make your own website popular using other marketing methods before the SEO service provider starts optimizing your site.
  • Compare website traffic stats with your own marketing and compare that with the organic traffic generated by the SEO strategist.  
  • Results with SEO strategists: Established websites may take 3-4 months of search engine optimization, new sites can take 5-6.  DIY takes longer.



Using SEO Strategists:                                                                                                                   (888) 333-3860 

Using an experienced and ethical SEO strategist will save you time and prevent risks.  Find one you can trust and one that provides you with detailed monthly reports on their progress.  The monthly progress report has comparative stats that you can use to decide if you wish to continue using their service.


Advantages SEO strategists:


  • They will tell you if your particular website would benefit, or not, from any kind of search engine optimization. (text, images, videos)
  • They stay current about the changes in search engine algorithms since the algorithms changes often.
  • They are familiar with SEO best practices and follow the search engine optimization guidelines.  They know how not to over-optimize.
  • They know what black-hat SEO techniques not to use and they don’t use them, so your website won’t be blacklisted by search engines.
  • They focus is more on high-conversion rather than high-ranking.  Results before ranking. Visitors are fine but clients are necessary.
  • They know how to optimize individual pages rather than just the entry page, with an optimal number of keywords for each page
  • They know about optimization for different kinds of search engines like mobile search engines, video search, image search, local search
  • They follow the link-building guidelines to be safe for Google “penguins and pandas”
  • They can recommend content for your pages based on their experience and special tools they use (for SEO, domain name marketing, website design)
  • They are mindful of other success factors, such as being mindful about domain name choices.  They can recommend new domain names.


Using WHC-SEO Strategists:                                                                                                   (888) 333-3860 

Hiring the services of a SEO Strategist who works at a Web Hosting Company (WHC) is mutually beneficial and convenient situation. Successful SEO strategies by such strategists lead to a greater need for web hosting services which they can provide with an email or phone call. If they’re already your service provider, you already know their service flexibility and ability to maneuver around your needs.


Advantages of using WHC-SEO Strategists:


  • They can start before you buy a domain name, by registering the right/optimized domain. (example: Head Start Program)
  • They usually have a 24/7 hotline service that many stand-alone SEO service companies don’t. (example: Sibername Support)
  • They have twice as much to gain, and risk, from your SEO success than stand-alone SEO service providers.(Hosting and SEO)
  • They know that high-ranking in search engines, no matter how important, is only 1 step in website conversions.
  • They become a convenient point of contact for all your website needs. Save on set-up fees, just pay the monthly fee. Pay one bill.
  • They already have your website user information at hand if they’re already your service provider. Faster and more convenient.
  • They already have an idea about your current website activity and success. It’s in their interest to make it more successful.
  • They often offer multilingual and localization website services in case you need to optimize for different countries or regions.
  • They can help you calculate your ROI on SEO using Average Monthly Visits/Ecommerce Conversion Rate/Average Order Value, before and after SEO.

Using Sibername WHC-SEO Strategists:    To discuss SEO Plans  (888) 333-3860

Marketing is a two-way purposeful conversation with your market. Great things often happen the moment you start this conversation with your market.  The same can be said about striking a conversation with a web hosting service provider you trust.  So, if the time has come for your small business to become more visible and accessible to its market via SEO then contact your web hosting provider.  Ask them to recommend a SEO strategist they trust so you can determine if this is something that could benefit your company.   If you need to find a reliable Web Hosting Company that has experienced SEO Strategists, please contact us and keep this article handy when you speak to one of our strategists at Sibername. Below is a checklist of things you can discuss with them.


  • On-page SEO:
  • Monthly Reporting:
  • Competitor Analysis:
  • Keyword, Key Phrases, and Trends Research:
  • Content Quality Analysis and Review:
  • Sitemap Creation:
  • Optimized Site Title and Meta Description:
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization:
  • Internal Link Structuring & Optimization:
  • Website Page Load Optimization:
  • HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization & Analysis:
  • Pages H1-5 tags Optimization:
  • Canonicalization/301 Redirect:
  • Robots.txt Creation/Analysis:
  • User Experience:
  • Link Building (Link building methods are Google Panda/Penguin safe):
  • Submit your site to 5 search engines:
  • 5 domain names suggestions to choose from, optimized for your business and location:
  • 1 domain name included (.ca or .com or .org or .net or .info or .biz) and 3 keywords:
    • Monthly Reporting: We send monthly rank reports for all the keywords that we are working on, but also provide detailed traffic and website usage reports to show how traffic source and conversions are improving.  Different plans available, No Setup Fee, Cancel Any Time


  • Combination of Sibername SEO services, domain name registration services, web hosting services, email hosting services) with one monthly payment.


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