You Deserve Your Own Website

If you have something you’d like to share with the world, the ideal place to share it would be on your very own website. Your hobby, passion or small business would be visible and accessible to anyone anywhere who has Internet 24/7 and they’ll be able to contact you.  Any individual can own and operate a website, you don’t need to have your own organization or even be part of one.  It is surprisingly easy and fast to build and update a website, even if all you know about the Internet is how to use email.  It is now expected that most businesses have one, but now individuals have them too.

Here are some reasons why you should have one too:

It is a global business card for those who wish to communicate economically (and/or socially) with others.  Even if you have a local business it’s nice to have one because when people move in your area, they’ll search what services and products are available there.  Whenever I planned to travel (or move) to a new location I always did a Google Map Search of businesses of an area beforehand.  If your business is not dependent on your location then your website does not have to change at all if you do decide to move anywhere.

Websites save people a considerable amount of time and money.  For instance: you can have a web page that answers frequently asked questions (trivial and repetitive); a training page (text, audio or video) for any products you may have; People can communicate with you from anywhere in the world without using postal or long distance carriers. If your web page is mobile-ready then people anywhere can access you and your information by using smart phones.  So, at very low cost, you become accessible and connected to the planet 24/7 no matter where you are and no matter where your clients are, instantly. Phone directories are  slow and heavy and may even become obsolete.

A website can become an automated lead-generating and client-support machine, a very affordable one.  By providing the basic information about your business it can help pre-qualify leads so that prospects contact you only if they require more detailed information. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) lists can also help solve some client-support problems. It can do all the repetitive information sharing work even as you sleep.  Your cost of sales are greatly reduced with this automated sales rep., since you eliminate the need for business cards, business  stationery, advertising fees and travel.

If you plan to have a business one day, it’s always a good idea to clear the way to your future business using a website as a test of the viability of your business, to see if people show interest in you and your interests. If they show interest then it’s easy to promote your website just by sharing your website’s domain name.  It also makes it easier for others to promote you.  You can also create a weekly or monthly newsletter for all potential clients and share that newsletter with everyone, anywhere at the touch of a button.

With a newsletter you can share information with all your customers. prospects and friends at the touch of a button.  You can also use a website to re-direct prospects to partner companies or consultants.  

Your website will let people have an idea of your business style.  Your website could be brief and to the point, sharing only facts, you can be artistic and creative and make people see other options, or show a combination of styles.

Just think of it: clients may be online right now searching for you, your services, your products, your ideas.  With your own website they will find you faster.  Building a website is easy, fast and affordable. For example, an Ottawa-based company, Sibername, is currently offering a promotion to register .ca domain names for $9.95 and .com for $11.95 and it comes with 5 page website builder and 2 business email address included.  If you think creating a website is difficult just try building one using their free demos.  Isn’t it time for you to have your own website?  

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