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Date: December 9th, 2011 | Category: Basic Helpful Tutorials

What is FTP Tool :

Before we start using FTP tool its very important to know what is FTP Tool. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and is a way to share files over a network. An FTP server ( hosting server) stores the files, and a piece of software called an “FTP client” is used to connect to the server to download or upload files. There are stand-alone FTP clients specifically written for this purpose, or FTP may be bundled into another piece of software, such as a web-editing tool ( Dreamweaver & others), which uses FTP to transfer files to hosting server. A web browser can also serve as an FTP client.

How to download :

There are many FTP clients exist for download on the Internet. They may be freeware, shareware or commercial applications with free trial periods. We used free FileZilla tool in this tutorials. You can download it free from HERE . We do not keep it for download as its always best option to download the latest stable version from the internet.

If you want to learn more about FileZilla then check the documentation HERE. If you have installed filezilla then check the steps given below and upload your files.

Tutorial Here

There are some other FTP tools also available for download.

Click below to download

  1. CoreFTP                   Download Here      Tutorial Here
  2. FireFTP                    Download Here      Tutorial Here
  3. CoffeeCup                Download Here      Tutorial Here
  4. SmartFTP                Download Here      Tutorial Here

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