Creating a CSR and installing SSL on H-SPEERE

Date: December 26th, 2011 | Category: Windows Hosting

You can install an SSL Certificate through h-spehere

1) Make sure SSL is enabled in your plan. (Note: shared SSL is not supported)
2) Make sure this user has a dedicated IP available. If you need to change to a dedicated IP, there may be some downtime,
so please plan for that.
3) Login to the user panel
4) In the Quick access menu click on “SSL”
5) Turn the SSL button to “on”
6) Click on “Generate a temporary SSL certificate and certificate request”
7) Make sure the contact information is correct and submit.
8) Create the CSR and use it at to generate the certificate

9) Log back into your control panel and Edit the “SSL” option under Web Options for the domain.
10) Paste in the cert and click the “upload” button.

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