How do I create a counter?

Date: May 20th, 2013 | Category: Cpanel, Domain name, Website Builders

You can create a page hit counter in Cpanel under CGI Center. Click on Counter. Select your settings. Be sure to set Max Digits and Style. Type a name into the Counter Name box. It must be a unique name for each counter and while it is stored as a .dat file, you do not need to type in the .dat part. Click on Preview to see how it will look. Make any changes you wish and Preview them until you are satisfied. Click on Make HTML. Copy the code and paste it into your page in HTML/Code mode. It will look like:

img src=”/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=somename.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=Q”

Once you have the counter in your pages, you may edit the code to do some other nifty things.

To add the comma to separate thousands, add comma=T:

img src=”/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=somename.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=Q|comma=T”

To make the counter invisible, add sh=F:

img src=”/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=somename.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=Q|comma=T|sh=F”

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