How to Change the ownership for a domain name by e-mailing us from the current administrative e-mail contact ?

Date: January 10th, 2012 | Category: Domain name, General FAQ

  1. For .CA domain names only: create a CIRA user through this form.
  2. In order for the new Registrant to manage the domain name through our web site, we need a new user created at Please make sure the email of the new user match the new registrant contact email.
  3. Please make a payment of $10.00 CAD (plus Tax if applicable) service fee payment by a credit card to cover the costs of the ownership change procedure;
    Please email us with details of the account created with the steps above. The email should be sent to
    The e-mail must be sent from the current administrative e-mail account in order to qualify for this procedure.
    If the access to the current admin e-mail address is not possible, please use the procedure at the following link.

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