How to create strong password ?

Date: January 3rd, 2012 | Category: Cpanel, Domain name, Email, FTP, General FAQ

Tips how to create a strong password:

You must not use in the password:

Tips how to create passwords: algorithm 1

You can create passwords using your own algorithms. For example, you can make the beginning (the middle or the end) of all your passwords the same, for example, I8H!p1n. To the existing root you can now add various parts which would associate with a definite service for which you are creating this very password, let’s say for your mail. As a result you will get a password I8H!p1nmail. Still there is a danger that cybercriminals can get your passwords and in this case the algorithm will be easy to hack. That is why when registering on untrustworthy or unfamiliar services use some other combination of symbols.

Tips how to create passwords: algorithm 2

John Smith, Junior born on 18 April 1982 wants to register on As a password he creates the following sequence of symbols:

  1. the last five symbols of the address typed in the upper case ( = L.COM),
  2. next we add together the sum of date and month of birth with the number of consonant letters in the site address (18+4+7=29),
  3. and finally add the 3 last letters of the last name (Junior = “ior”).

As a result the password will be the following: L.COM29ior.

Using this or similar algorithms you may generate a huge number of strong passwords.


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