How would I optimize my Websitematic site for Search Engines?

Date: December 26th, 2011 | Category: Website Builders

As you quite insightfully suggested, the speed, efficiency, and raw potential of the database-oriented approach have long overshadowed its subversiveness to search engine friendliness. In many ways, databases and search engines are literally built in direct opposition to eachother: Databases safeguard information, search engines expose it; databases make content liquid; search engines depend on it being solid….

WebsiteMatic sidesteps this conflict almost entirely by using dynamic, database-driven features to deliberately recreate the type of static, publically-accessible elements that search engines rely upon. In fact, every time you save a page on your website, WebsiteMatic creates a search engine-optimized copy of your new content and stores it precisely where search engines are most likely to find it.

You can further enhance your search engine placement by populating the Default Meta Tag Data (Webmaster Menu) with industry keywords, titles, descriptions, and other ‘spiderable’ information.

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