I can receive emails without a problem. But when i try to send it, i get error message. What am I getting that?

Date: December 26th, 2011 | Category: Email

There can be 2 reasons for that:

1) If you are getting an error related to port blockage:

This is because some ISP’s are blocking the port 25 which is used for outgoing server (SMTP) communication. Bellnet, Sympatico and Primus are some of them.

As a solution, we have 2 ports configured for SMTP, 25 and 26.

To configure your settings with the alternative port on the MS Outlook, click on Tools -> accounts -> Properties

Click on Advanced tab

Replace 25 with 26 in the SMTP server field.

That should work fine now.

2) If you are getting 503 error:

You should modify your outgoing email settings as follows:

On the MS Outlook,

– click on Tools -> accounts -> Properties
– Click on Servers Tab
– check the “My Server Requires authentication check box ( you don’t have to
change settings which is defaulted to Use same settings as my incoming server)

Please try to send and receive email. If still not working, please email us at support@sibername.com with your error message copied and pasted to the mail

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