I can’t see my website on the Internet after my signup?

Date: December 20th, 2011 | Category: General FAQ

If you have an existing web site which has been visible on the Sibername servers recently and now you cannot see your web site please contact our support department immediately. If you are looking for a new domain name to show up on the internet with your site please read the article below and see if it pertains to your situation.

If you just purchased your domain name, it can take up to two or three days for the entire World Wide Web to recognize your new domain name. Any time a new domain, or “web address,” is created, it takes that much time for it to “propagate” to different servers (computers) scattered over the globe.

To get started on your web site you do not need to wait for your domain name to propagate to get working. In the Sibername Login email we sent to you we indicate that in getting started you can access your web based cPanel control panel through a temporary host address which will allow you to get into the control panel and start to set things up while your domain name is propagating.

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