If your card is declined and your bank says that there were many charges on your card

Date: December 26th, 2011 | Category: General FAQ

During the online payment, we verify the address of the payee. Sometimes, the trasnactions are declined because the card holders do not enter the address shown on their statement. In these cases and sometimes because there is not enough funds, the transactions are declined. Some of our customers call their bank and bank tells them that there were many transactions for the same amount on that card. This causes panic on the card holder and things that the card has been charged several times. This is not the case.

To give you an idea of how the feature we use called Address verification works: This is our answer to the questions regarding that question: Why am I being charged several times:

I have checked into the transactions that you had attempted and they have been ‘voided’. Voided means that the address you have entered does not match the address that is on your credit card billing statement. The way this works is that we request an authorization and at the same time, we verify the address that you have entered. Your bank has issued an authorization number for the dollar amount, yet has failed the address check ( your bank has passed us an electronic response saying the information is wrong). Therefore, we void the sale. When we void the sale, it means that it will not be completed or settled and you will NOT be charged for it. However, as your bank has issued an authorization number, they believe that the charge has been made. Most banks take approximately 48 hours to 7 business days to clear an authorization from a credit card statement.

Not all online processors use Address verification (which is risky), this is one of the security measures we use to protect cardholders and merchants from potential fraud transactions. The merchant is aware of this feature, and that it is something that helps to protect them, as well as their cardholders/customers.

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