Is my domain name transferrable?

Date: December 27th, 2011 | Category: Domain name

This information does not apply to .ca domain names and apply to all others. .ca domain names can be transferrable even when they are suspended.


We welcome the opportunity to serve you as your new registrar, however we must ask that you do not proceed until you have read the following checklist. The transfer process can be very quick if done correctly.

Are you sure that you are going to be able to transfer this domain name? Well here are some things to check.

Have you:

1) Checked to make sure your domain name is paid up to date with your current registrar?

Your current registrar will not allow the transfer to complete if you are within 30 days of the domain name expiry date. In some cases your current registrar will allow the transfer if the domain has not expired, and you make arrangements for them to specifically approve the transfer

2) Checked to make sure you have access to the email address listed in the WhoIS as the Admin contact email address? Whois Lookup

If you can not receive email to that address, you must make arrangements with your current registrar to get this corrected before you apply for the transfer, or your request will simply time out after 7-9 days

3) Ensured that your domain name is old enough to transfer?

The Registry will not allow transfers to complete if the domain name has not existed for at least 60 days. This is to ensure that the current registrar has not been cheated in any way.

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