‘Redemption Period’ implemented for .com and .net

Date: December 27th, 2011 | Category: Domain name

The registry operator for .com and .net (including
Internationalised Domain Names) has implemented a 30 day Redemption
Period. The Redemption Period is applicable for domain names that have
expired and is in addition to the grace period that follows the expiry
of a .com or .net registration. Domains names that are not renewed
within 40 days of their expiry date can now be restored during the
Redemption Period that starts 45 days following the expiry date and
ends 75 days following the expiry date.

The Redemption Period differs from the Grace Period in several
Important aspects.

*** Domain names must be ‘redeemed’ before they are renewed. The
redemption process established by the registry is a separate,
manual procedure that must be completed before the redeemed domain
can be renewed.

*** The Registry charges a substantial Redemption Fee to redeem a
domain name. The redemption fee is in addition to the standard
renewal fee.

*** During the Redemption Period the Verisign Global Registry
WHOIS will show the domain status as “REDEMPTIONPERIOD”.

The Redemption Period provides a final opportunity for Registrants to
Renew a domain they did not intend to let expire. However, the
process is costly, both in fees and in effort. Registrants should be
discouraged from using the Redemption Period and encouraged to renew
domains before expiry or during the grace period when a renewal can
be conducted with the registry in real time and for no additional cost.
(The cost of redemption will be around $89.95 CDN plus the domain renewal fee)

If you have customer who needs to make use of the new Redemption
Period for .com and .net please contact your Account Representative or
sales@sibername.com for more information.

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