Selecting your second level domain

Date: December 27th, 2011 | Category: Domain name

Each second level domain beneath each top level domain is unique. For example, there can only be one However, there may be a,, etc. Before registering for a specific second level domain name, one must first conduct a search to see if the desired name is available.

It is important for a company to register its own domain name, such as as opposed to using the extension of an ISP or Web Host’s domain name, such as: Using an extension to an ISP or Web Host name can cause some problems. For example, changing ISP or Web-hosting companies forces you to alter all of your business cards, stationary, and print, TV and radio advertisements. Furthermore, the process of notifying all existing customers of the domain name change will be inconvenient and costly. The use of an extension will also make a site difficult to reach and and remember. A key element to consider is that names that are owned are completely transferable and can be moved from ISP to ISP or Web-host to Web-host.

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