Weebly tool for Offer Donations

Date: November 29th, 2016 | Category: Website Builders

You can accept donations on your site by creating different donation amounts as product options. This topic explains how to set those up.

Note: Instead of creating donations as products, Weebly’s App Center offers the free Donorbox app that provides a fully functional donation experience, including recurring donations. Visit the Donorbox app center listing for more information about their app. 

PayPal also offers a Donate button that you can install into your site. Read this topic for more info.

Donation products display in your store with the price set as a range, and with the different amounts as options your visitors can select.

Once visitors select an amount, the price changes to that amount and the quantity changes to 1. The quantity can be changed if they want, and they can then add the donation to the cart.

Here’s how to set up donations:

Create a physical product as described here. When you create your product, follow these guidelines:

Create the different donation amounts as product options, as described here, and follow these guidelines:

Now you can display your donation product anywhere on your site using the Products element.


Clicking the button takes them to the donation product’s page, where they can choose the amount and add the donation to their cart.

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