Can the new Canadian bill change the plans for web hosting?

The Canada’s House of Commons just made ​​it possible, to passed a new bill, the  C-51 bill. This anti-terrorism bill attempts to fight growing threats of worldwide terrorism on more than just one front, gives police incredible power, including the Canadian Security Intelligence Service but it lacks the additional governance necessary that comes with so much control being handed over. There are basically five parts to this bill. The first part allows for the Canadian Government to share information with agencies that deal with threats of terrorism. The third part of the bill regards the processes that take place once someone is charged with an act of terrorism. Part 4 of the bill authorizes the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to take measures both “inside and outside of Canada” to thwart terrorist plots.

Some believe that this bill becoming law, will seriously affect the way that web host and the consumers use the internet. This is true especially for those that participate in web hosting. Web host make it possible for websites to function. They store all of the data on high tech computers that connects you to the internet.

All the Canadian hosts are frustrated that might be bombarded with demands that are unreasonable. Companies of hosting lose hundreds of dollars per every record lost, and consumers personal accounts can come under attack as well. The benefit of hosting services is the security of your information. Hosting services offer around the clock monitoring, and back your files up as many as three times. In addition most offer 24×7 customer support for any problems.

“I find [the Bill] worrisome; I find it another example of increasing government fear and control of the Internet and a lot of the on the ground interpretation issues will land at the feet of hosting companies,” Tucows CEO and president Elliot Noss said in a phone interview with the WHIR on Friday.  “Today, the simplest thing for web hosting companies, especially smaller web hosting companies who don’t have big in-house legal departments, to do is simply to comply with the requests rather than have to go to their outside council or deal with difficult interpretation issues,” he said.

The greatest powers in hosting not think it is necessary for them to move their business just because of these laws, they believe it is necessary to be better educated to face these problems and have the power to move forward.

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