Canadian Corporations are better with Canadian Data Center Web Hosting Plans

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When it comes to Website hosting, most individuals try to find the cheapest solution. When they search, they ended up with the plans from south of the border.

Web site hosting is already a very cheap compared with the  complexity of the service provided. By paying $5.00 per month instead of $4.00 per month, your web site goes much further.

Currency Conversion: First advantage coming to  mind is, from the fee perspective, by not having to do the currency conversion between USD and CAD, you can be sure what you will be paying each month.

Search Engine Advantage: Canadian servers are identified by their IP addresses. When someone searches for a service through, Google would give priority to the websites hosted in Canada for a search made from their Canadian search engine. Which only makes sense when you think, Google is there to show you the relevant results. A website hosted in Canadian Territory is most likely a better result than a website hosted in another country.

Speed Difference: Speed may not be too much different. Some websites from US may open a little bit faster but with the latest improvements in speed , you or your potential customers might not notice it. So I am not saying a website from Canada for sure would be accessed faster. But likely it will have a better chance depending on your location.

Server Load: Server load is in parallel to the number of websites hosted on a server. It depends on company rather than a territory. So you would try to find a Canadian Website Hosting company with reputation of good service. They are likely not loading the servers with many websites to make sure the server load is not affected.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Website hosts in Canada do not have to yield to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the State. Thanks to this,  customers using a Canadian Website Hosting Company keep his privacy under the Canadian Privacy Act.

Also, since the websites use the same server with many other websites, if one of the sites is subject to an investigation, authorities would seize the server.

It means , the other websites hosted on the shared server would also go down with the problematic website. That is a risk you can not control.

Customer Support: Customer support is stronger in Canada. Canadian Website hosts like SiberName, not only offers some of the country’s most efficient plans, but our customer support department offers a free website support for bringing your website online and keeping it online 24×7

These companies also have a Website Support team available by phone, e-mail, or live chat to help you with any kind of website problems you might help;

Last but not least, Most of them also keeps the backups of your website, databases and emails ready to be restored in case of emergency. For an online success, you only need to sign up  a reputable Canadian Website Hosting Provider.



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