HOW TO CHOOSE A GREAT DOMAIN NAME Choosing a domain name that meets your needs might require some time and think. Let’s walk through some things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.   Think brand and keywords: As we mentioned in the previous chapter, the best place to start is the name […]

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HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE .CA It’s 100% Canadian There is a Canadian presence requirement for individuals, organizations and businesses to register a .CA domain. .CA is the only domain that instantly identifies you and your website as 100% Canadian. It’s more likely to be available With only 2.6 million .CA’s registered, it’s far more […]

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Choosing the right domain name is the most important step to getting online. We’re not just saying that because we manage the .CA domain; your domain name is the home to your online brand and where your website lives. It’s where people find you with search engines and go to learn more about you and […]

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Download the CIRA E-Book at GETTING STARTED WITH DOMAIN NAMES:   Chances are you spend a lot of time online. In fact, Canadians spend more time on the Internet than any other nation 1. Yep, even more than our pals to the south. All of this browsing has probably made you think about getting your […]

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20 Best Joomla Extension for better new or growing websites

Here we go with a fresh selection of extensions designed to make your Joomla site administration a lot easier and extend your site’s capabilities. Since the first version which was released in 2005, many developers have been improving Joomla. Over the years has become on of the most popular website software. It is a open-source […]

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Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration Explained

Building your own website can be an exciting thing but also a challenge especially for those who are setting their website up for the first time, trying to make the most creative and remarkable project. A lot of confusion exists about how domain registration and web hosting works and what the difference is between them, […]

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What is DNSSEC and How to use it for my domain ?

———————————————————————————————————   We thank Robert for his kind review. Here is a tutorial on how to use DNSSEC with your domain name registered through SiberName. We are preparing 2Factor authentication tutorial and will add the link here soon; Alternatively, you can check our SiberName Tutorials Page.      

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How and where can I file abuse complaints?

If you need to report a domain, website or email address involved in illegal/abusing activities, here are some tips you may follow to make this process easier. Your actions will depend on the type of the issue you would like to report. Here is the brief information regarding the most common issues: 1) Spam. If you […]

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Canada’s Internet Factbook 2017

Last week, CIRA released Canada’s Internet Factbook – an annual publication that showcases data about Canada’s internet and Canadians’ online habits, perceptions, and experiences. It offers a look at Canada’s internet – how we use it and access it, what we need from it and what concerns us about it. Canada’s Internet Factbook also contains […]

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.Storage domain names trademark registration now open!

   .Storage domain name is the trusted namespace for the entire storage industry. It is the tenth unrestricted domain extension brought to market by XYZ, registry operator of .xyz.   Whether you operate a business or work independently, you can claim your space with YourCity.Storage, YourNeighborhood.Storage, YourIndustry.Storage, or YourService.Storage.   All .Storage domains are available […]

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